Users can download the e-book “interview with industry 4.0” free of charge through e-league to learn the industry leading experts’ views on the future development of industrial Internet of things and industry 4.0.

Shanghai, China, January 28, 2021 – e-commerce, a global distributor of electronic components and solutions, launched a new e-book entitled “2020 industry 4.0 interview”. This e-book brings together global experts from FESTO, Omega, MOLEX, Panasonic and Schneider to show their profound insights on the development of industrial Internet of things and related technologies, providing practical knowledge for panel manufacturers, system integrators and designers, industrial and Electronic Engineers (including maintenance and repair engineers).

“With the development of industrial automation and control technology, as well as the increasing number of industrial IOT connected devices, engineers and makers are able to use ready to use hardware and software to create complex products faster and easier than ever,” said Simon Meadmore, global head of Farnell and e-alliance connector, passive and electromechanical products. “To this end, we interviewed a number of experts from large industrial system and equipment manufacturers around the world to understand how they can use customer demand knowledge to provide the best solutions to meet their needs for higher productivity, higher efficiency and lower maintenance costs. We are very happy to invite a number of influential business leaders in the industry to contribute their views to this book. We believe that all colleagues in the field of industrial Internet of things will benefit greatly from it. “

This e-book gives a comprehensive overview of the global industrial Internet of things market development, introduces the key products and tools to promote the application and development of industry 4.0 technology, and forecasts and analyzes the future development trend of industrial Internet of things. The book also provides a series of valuable experiences in the development of new solutions for industrial equipment, robots, intelligent buildings and factory design and maintenance applications, including:

  • How to prove the advantages of industrial Internet of things is the key to make some people no longer resist the implementation of industrial 4.0 technology in manufacturing equipment?
  • How to implement the correct overall security solution of Internet of things to solve the security risks of cloud storage data?
  • How can industrial automation be used in business projects as quickly as predictive maintenance, while effectively improving productivity and efficiency and reducing downtime?
  • How can AI improve the responsiveness and reliability of embedded system?
  • Why the lack of experience in cross business system deployment hinders the implementation of industrial Internet of things?

With the development of industrial Internet of things, the demand for automation applications in manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing and robotics is increasing. To this end, Elom has continued to invest heavily in the past 12 months to provide a more comprehensive industrial automation product portfolio, including the latest solutions from the world’s leading suppliers such as omega, Omron, Mitsubishi Electric, Schneider, abb and Siemens. E-Link can now supply large quantities of industrial automation products, including 550000 kinds of connector products, 400000 kinds of passive components and more than 100000 kinds of mechanical and electrical products.

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