Industrialshields automation equipment provides customers with a familiar programming environment for better control,And it can shorten the design cycle and cost.

Shanghai, China, October 29, 2020 – Evo alliance, the global distributor of electronic components and solutions of Avril, announced the signing of a new global franchise agreement with industrialshields. Industrialshields is a leading developer and manufacturer of industrial automation equipment (including PLC and Panel PC) based on open source hardware such as raspberry PI and Arduino. The use of open source hardware can bring many benefits to design engineers, such as: compared with the use of proprietary processor board, it can complete the industrial product design in a shorter time and achieve product launch at a lower cost.

Through this new cooperation agreement, e-league has further expanded the supply scope of its industrial automation and control products, thus providing more options for the development of SBC based monitoring, control and automation solutions. The new products include programmable logic controller (PLC), Panel PC and openmote B ultra-low power communication board for Internet of things (IOT), which will enable users to completely change the design method of control system. As a leading manufacturer and supplier of single board computers (SBC), e-network continues to support and promote the application of SBC in industrial automation systems through its interactive community.

At present, the application of automation in various civil and industrial fields is increasing, including home and factory automation, large buildings and smart cities. Industrialshields series products are functional and affordable, and can meet the needs of high-performance monitoring and control systems in factories, production lines, machinery, construction and agriculture. At the same time, the use of open source hardware can eliminate all kinds of technical barriers brought by proprietary PLC, which will allow users to have greater design control and ownership. Because many designers are very familiar with the programming environment of raspberry PI and Arduino, they can easily use the powerful tools and rich resources provided by the industrial shields series to design and operate. Developers can also choose to integrate more electronic components into their industrial automation solution design, thereby reducing the cost of the final product.

We have a full range of industrial shields products in stock, including automation equipment. Other products include:

  • Power series: installed with 35mm DIN rail, it can provide short circuit, overvoltage, overcurrent and overheating protection; with LED indicator, it is used to indicate that DC power is on and DC voltage is too low. The series power supply also has a general input range of 90vac to 264Vac and an output current range of 2.5A to 10A.

“This global franchise agreement with industrialshields further enriches our PLC and panelpc product range, allowing our customers to choose more flexible and low-cost devices to better meet their automation needs,” said Lee Turner, director of global semiconductor and single board business of Farnell and E-Net. The innovative application of open source hardware will help users speed up the product launch, reduce costs, and let users gain control of the product. This new series of products is an important supplement to our automation product line, which will make it easier for our customers to take advantage of the advantages of industrial automation than ever before. “

Albert Prieto, CEO of industrialshields, commented: “cooperation with e-league will help us further expand our user scale, consolidate our position as a leading manufacturer of open source industrial automation systems, and further enhance our international influence. In addition, the distribution agreement also means that e-league, a well-known enterprise, has recognized industrial shields products, which will enable customers to use our safe and high-quality system with more confidence. “

Industrialshields continues to lead the application of PLC and Panel PC to promote the wider adoption of industrial automation technology. Industrialshields has a wide range of products, not only for system integrators and engineering companies, but also for universities, professional design engineers, enthusiasts and makers seeking flexible and low-cost solutions.

E-league customers can now easily purchase more comprehensive leading automation and control products, and get technical support 5 days a week and 8 hours a day, including free online resources, data sheets, application instructions, videos and webinars on e-league’s official website.

Customers can now purchase the full range of industrial shields products through Farnell (Europe, Middle East and Africa), Newark (North America) and elecom (Asia Pacific).

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