This book outlines the Wi Fi market trend and analyzes its future development prospects

Shanghai, China, June 28, 2021 – Evo, the global distributor of electronic components and solutions of Avril, released a new e-book issue through its online interactive community. The book gives a comprehensive overview of the latest market trend of Wi Fi and the evolution of Wi Fi technical standards, and describes a number of new functions and potential applications of Wi Fi, so as to show the greater value and wider application of Wi Fi.

Since its birth 20 years ago, Wi Fi has been a great success and has become the most popular network technology, realizing network connection for billions of devices around the world. This e-book focuses on the many technological advances of Wi Fi and its application development. In the future, Wi Fi technology will make further development by injecting new technology to meet the demand of larger traffic, improve security, and support the development of the latest market application trend. The new e-book comprehensively discusses the related contents, including:

  • The general situation of Wi Fi market development, the growth demand of Wi Fi network are analyzed, and the future development direction of Wi Fi technology is pointed out.
  • Wi Fi 6 device technology development trend forecast. Wi Fi 6, with lower latency and longer battery life, is expected to be widely used in 2021.
  • Basic information of Wi Fi protected access 3 (WPA3). All new Wi Fi certified ™ All products need to adopt WPA3 certification standard to ensure that Wi Fi devices can always cope with the changing security threats.
  • Explore Wi Fi 6e. Wi Fi 6e solves the problem of Wi Fi spectrum shortage by providing more continuous channel bandwidth, which can support the large-scale growth of devices at a very fast speed.
  • The near-field sensing function of Wi Fi aware introduces how this function enables two devices within a certain range to perceive each other without network infrastructure, that is, the device interaction can be realized without access point and human supervision, so as to enhance the user experience.
  • The development trend of Wi Fi hotspots. Wi Fi certified passport enables users to connect to the network without having to conduct network search and identity authentication every time, greatly simplifying the Wi Fi hotspot access process in public places. This means that Wi Fi hotspots are expected to develop significantly in the future.
  • The impact of Wi Fi technology progress on many application fields involves Internet of things, smart home expansion, enterprise level environmental network technology and automobile OEM, as well as the role of Wi Fi in promoting the future development of mission critical applications.
  • Wi Fi is a key element to continuously enhance digital resilience, including providing necessary connections at the level of personal consumption, supporting users to complete daily activities and perform tasks that previously required physical contact.

As a subsidiary of afflux, e-league now supplies a wide range of Wi Fi products, all of which support the latest Wi Fi technologies, including:

  • Raspberry PI 4B computer 8GB ram version: compared with the previous generation raspberry PI 3 model B +, the latest version of raspberry PI series has better connection performance. Raspberry PI 4b is a 64 bit quad core processor running at 1.5GHz, and is equipped with 8GB ram, 2.4 / 5.0 GHz dual band wireless network, Bluetooth 5.0/ble and USB 3.0 ports. Its processor speed is significantly improved, and multimedia functions are more abundant and memory is more powerful.
  • Arduino portenta H7: This onboard wireless module allows maker to manage WiFi and Bluetooth connections simultaneously. WiFi interface can be used as access point, base station or dual-mode synchronous AP / STA, and can handle up to 65 Mbps transmission rate.
  • Avnet ultra96 V2: ultra96-v2 is a Xilinx zynq ultrascale based on arm and linaro 96boards consumer (CE) specifications+ ™ MPSoC development board. Engineers can choose to use the integrated wireless access point function to connect to ultra96-v2 through the web server, or use the pre installed petalinux desktop environment to connect through the integrated Mini DisplayPort video output.

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