Driven by factors such as aesthetic changes and industry innovations, the professional styling industry has always been developing and changing through exploration and practice. As a hair styling tool that complements the development of the professional styling industry, Dyson hair care products have revolutionized the traditional hair care styling industry with disruptive technology since its launch in 2016, and have influenced and shaped the daily dry hair styling of the public Habits and lifestyles, while promoting the development of the hair styling industry, there is no doubt that it has become an innovator and leader in the industry.

Accurate insight, Dyson pays attention to professional styling needs

As the saying goes: “If a worker wants to be good at his work, he must first sharpen his tools.” As professional stylists who have the most contact with styling tools on a daily basis, they know the shortcomings and drawbacks of styling tools best, and at the same time put forward more suggestions for styling tools. high demands. In order to better understand the “problems that are easily overlooked” in the daily work of professional stylists, Dyson observed and listened to the opinions and feedback of a large number of professional stylists during the product development process, investing a huge amount of more than 100 million pounds Establish multiple hair science laboratories around the world, and work with hundreds of scientists, engineers and professional stylists in the hair field to study and understand hair in depth, including hair structure, aerodynamics, and the effects of heat, mechanical and chemical factors on hair health The professional version of Dyson Supersonic™ Hair Dryer and Corrale™ Hair Straightener was launched in a targeted manner. While facilitating the work of professional stylists, it fundamentally fulfills the dual needs of caring for hair health and completing ideal styling.

Aiming at the problems that stylists encountered during the styling process, the hair dryer cord is too short and inconvenient to operate, and more powerful and precise airflow is required, the Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer professional version has a longer cord length, up to 3.3 meters, which is suitable for various salon environments. In addition, the Supersonic™ Hair Dryer Professional Edition is equipped with a powerful Dyson ninth-generation digital motor, and the styling salon nozzle has been redesigned to increase the width of the styling nozzle to generate wider and flatter airflow, achieving precise styling while Keeping the edge of the nozzle from overheating further improves styling efficiency.

In addition, Dyson has fully considered the pollution sources in the air generated by the use of hairspray, spray and other products during the styling process. The Dyson Supersonic™ Hair Dryer Professional Edition has been upgraded and equipped with a new generation of double-layer filters to effectively block Hair product residue, the improved magnetic filter cover is removable and washable to meet the requirements of hair salons.

Dyson Corrale™ Hair Straightener Professional Edition adopts an innovative flexible elastic plate with outstanding strength, flexibility and thermal conductivity, which better wraps and gathers the hair strands, so that the hair can be evenly stressed while preventing hair bundles from being scattered for better The same ideal styling effect can be obtained with less heat; equipped with intelligent temperature control technology, the temperature of the flexible elastic plate can be adjusted 100 times per second through the integrated induction system, which can minimize hair damage caused by complex styling. There is also a 4-core high-energy lithium battery pack with strong energy supply, which ensures that the styling effect in the cordless mode is as good as that of the corded styling, avoiding the negative impact of redundant charging lines on the styling process, and helping professional stylists to achieve precise styling anytime, anywhere.

Continue to lead and promote the development of the modeling industry

After the Dyson hair care products Supersonic™ Hair Dryer Professional Edition and Corrale™ Hair Straightener Professional Edition came out, they have been loved and respected by more and more top stylists in the industry around the world, and have become their preferred styling tools for daily work. Dyson hairdressing technology can be glimpsed at domestic and foreign fashion weeks and the shooting scenes of major magazine blockbusters.

Jon Reyman, Dyson’s Global Styling Ambassador, explained why he has always identified Dyson: “The right tool is essential to get the best styling results. Hair is weaker when it is wet, so it is easier With all kinds of damage, it’s time to handle it with extra care. The Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer provides fast, focused airflow, which works with an intelligent temperature control system to protect hair from overheating damage.” Jawala, Global Style Ambassador, Dyson Wauchope (Jawara Wauchope) also said that the product functions of Dyson’s hair care category can always coincide with their styling needs: “Traditional haute couture hairstyles are usually very simple, and I personally like to create conservative braided hair styles in fashion shows , because they are simple, clean, and elegant. I choose to straighten my curly hair with a Dyson Supersonic™ blow dryer with a wide-toothed comb, and quickly dry my hair before braiding. After the braid is done, I continue to use the Supersonic™ hairdryer and Diffuse the air nozzle to further fix the shape.”

Go further. After long-term intensive cultivation and intensive research, Dyson’s hair care products Supersonic™ Hair Dryer Professional Edition and Corrale™ Hair Straightener Professional Edition have set a higher industry standard for professional hair styling tools. But Dyson never stops here, and continues to spare no effort to push the industry forward. A few days ago, Dyson created a stylist community, aiming to create a sharing platform for cutting-edge styling trends and provide professional stylists with more industry information; at the same time, it helps salon stylists improve their styling techniques and master more new styling skills. Not only that, Dyson recently launched China’s first online styling master class, attracting many internationally renowned stylists such as Li Yuntao, Zhang Jin, Jianxing, etc. to join, share professional styling skills, and provide more stylists. Intuitive learning opportunities help them master more new styling skills and at the same time promote the development of the entire styling industry with practical actions.


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