In daily life, many logistics companies have been using AGV robot.

1、 DC motor drive management system

The DC motor drive system of AGV was driven by DC motor before 1990s. The efficiency of DC motor is low, and its size and mass are relatively large. The commutator and brush of DC motor drive system limit its speed rise, and the maximum speed is 6000-8000r / min. Because of this feature, in addition to small cars, electric vehicles rarely use DC motor drive system.

2、 Induction motor drive

Induction motor was developed and combined with new technology in the 1990s, which is still in the perfect stage. It has the advantages of high efficiency, small volume, small mass, simple structure, maintenance free and long service life. The system has a wide range of speed regulation, which can effectively achieve economic low-speed constant torque, high-speed constant power operation, but the cost of AC motor controller is relatively high.

3、 AC drive system of permanent magnet synchronous motor

The last one is AC permanent magnet synchronous motor drive system, including a three-phase brushless DC motor and a permanent magnet synchronous motor. Compared with permanent magnet synchronous motor, brushless DC motor has higher driving efficiency. Minimum volume, minimum mass, no shortcomings such as DC motor commutator and brush. But the cost of the drive system is very high, generally only in the application of small power electric vehicles, permanent magnet synchronous motor is the most promising high-performance motor, and is developing towards the direction of electric vehicles.

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