In recent years, with the wide application of artificial intelligence, cloud computing, edge intelligence and other new technologies, especially the increasing scale of Nb IOT, 5g and other wireless communication technology agencies, the scale of IOT is growing. Among them, the Internet of vehicles, smart energy, smart security, smart meter and many other application scenarios have a sharp increase in the demand for cellular Internet of things, which will release new development opportunities for wireless communication technology enterprises deeply engaged in Internet of things.

Take advantage of the Internet of things to maintain high-speed growth

As a wireless communication technology and application manufacturer of the Internet of things, guanghetong benefits from the prospect of the Internet of things, and its revenue and profit show a high-speed growth trend. Since its landing in the capital market in 2017, its annual revenue growth rate has remained at more than 50%. In 2019, the revenue increased by 53% to 1.9 billion yuan, the net profit increased by 95% to 170 million yuan, and the proportion of wireless communication module in the total revenue reached 98%. In the first half of 2020, the revenue increased 47% to 1.266 billion yuan year on year, and the net profit increased 71% to 138 million yuan year on year.

It should be pointed out that as a deeply cultivated wireless communication module for more than ten years, because of the diversified application environment of the Internet of things industry, its various wireless communication modules can well meet the reliability and timeliness of the Internet of things in the process of data access and transmission. And actively layout 5g modules.

It is worth mentioning that, driven by the new infrastructure policy, 5g and the Internet of things will also speed up. Combined with new technologies such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of things will be further released. The scale of China’s Internet of things industry alone is expected to reach 2 trillion yuan. The cake is huge. In order to seize the opportunity of the Internet of things brought by 5g, in November 2019, guanghetong privately issued shares and raised more than 700 million yuan, most of which was used for 5g communication technology industrialization projects.

In the smart warehousing scenario, 5g brings faster, safer, more stable and more flexible network services to the smart warehousing. 5g sorting robot, because of the characteristics of 5g high speed and low time delay, can ensure the cooperative operation of the robot or manipulator, and upload the real-time status of the equipment to the background monitoring center, so as to improve the operation efficiency and accuracy. Guanghetong 5g module can provide high-quality wireless communication guarantee for smart warehouse.

Driven by the new infrastructure policy, the 5g Internet of things will also speed up

In the intelligent factory, 5g technology is used for predictive maintenance of production equipment to understand the operation status of equipment in real time and reduce the operation and maintenance cost. For GWT, its 5g module provides high-speed and stable wireless connection for interconnection, predictive maintenance and automatic production of factories, so as to construct a future oriented intelligent manufacturing network.

Due to the active development of Nb IOT and 5g modules, and the steady demand for Internet of things scenarios such as Internet of vehicles, intelligent transportation, smart grid and security monitoring, guanghetong is also favored by investors in the capital market. As of August 3, the market value of guanghetong was 18 billion yuan. In addition, it began to increase the investment in IOT platform services, and formed the core comprehensive capabilities of IOT through modules, terminals, platform services and industry solutions, so as to provide high-quality IOT end-to-end products and operation support services, and lay the foundation for opening up more IOT application fields.

From profit to loss! Both revenue and profit of rihai intelligent declined

Interestingly, as a manufacturer of wireless communication modules for the Internet of things, rihai intelligent has a loss in revenue. Last month, rihai intelligence released its performance forecast for the first half of 2020, with a loss of 40 million yuan to 58 million yuan. In the statement of performance change, it was mentioned that the epidemic situation this year delayed the signing of contracts in the first half of this year, as well as the implementation, delivery and acceptance of signed contracts, and pointed out that the business opportunities of the Internet of things in the second half of this year could be gradually increased.

In 2019, rihai intelligent’s revenue from wireless communication module is 1.445 billion, accounting for 31.15% of the total revenue, which is the largest business sector. However, AI IOT products and solutions are the fastest growing sector, with a year-on-year growth of 56.78% to 1.22 billion yuan in 2019. Due to the steady development of wireless module and AI Internet of things, the annual revenue increased by 47.84% year on year to 4.42 billion yuan.

It is a pity that in 2020, the performance will decline sharply and there will be losses. In the first quarter of 2020, the revenue decreased by 52.5% to 670 million yuan, with a loss of 18 million yuan. In the first half of the year, the loss further expanded to about 49 million. Under the background of new infrastructure, 5g, Internet of things and other new technologies have ushered in the best development era. However, rihai intelligence is embarrassed to turn from profit to loss.


In today’s global digital transformation, the number of Internet of things connections in the world is growing steadily. Last year, the total number of Internet of things connections in the world was 12 billion. In addition, in the post epidemic era, various industries show strong demand for new technologies such as automation and intelligence, and the global Internet of things will continue to show steady development. With the increasing scale of Internet of things connection, and with the promotion of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing and blockchain, the Internet of things is transformed into the intelligence of all things. For manufacturers facing wireless connection of Internet of things, the development prospect is expected to be further released.

Yang Jianyong is a Forbes columnist and a contract writer of Netease. He won the best contract author of Netease for three consecutive years (2017-2019). Committed to in-depth interpretation of 5g, Internet of things economy and artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technologies, the views and research strategies are cited by many authoritative media and well-known enterprises.

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