From December 14 to 15, the 2020 led annual meeting of senior engineers, with the theme of “showing the best sources of lighting, looking for opportunities everywhere”, was solemnly held in Hyatt Hotel of Shenzhen airport.

As an annual event of the LED industry, this annual meeting has won the strong support of more than 40 units, such as the LED industry chain, flat panel display, LED Industry Association, etc. nearly 1000 people from the industry have signed up for the meeting, and the flow of people is like a tide.

At the special closing ceremony named by Dongshan precision, Xu Bin, technical director of Dongshan precision, delivered a keynote speech of “small space direct display & backlight products”, including display market analysis, display product development and technical route. Xu Bin said that the display market has a lot of imagination and needs specific products to realize, so he wanted to share with the guests the development and technical route of some Dongshan precision products.

Xu Bin said that China novel coronavirus pneumonia affected the output value of China’s LED display and small spacing LED display slightly. However, the small spacing LED showed that the product permeability remained small growth trend. “With the mitigation of the epidemic, this growth rate will also increase significantly.” However, with the increase of penetration rate, the scale of output value decreased, mainly due to the decrease of product prices caused by market competition. Especially after the outbreak of overseas epidemic, the original export part turned to the domestic market, which intensified the competition.

Dongshan precision Xu Bin: Mini IMD package will give priority to mass production of P0.4 products

However, market competition and technological progress have driven the gap between points to become smaller and smaller, which has moved from indoor and outdoor displays to small gap LED displays, even Mini / micro LED displays. Xu Bin believes that at present, all the dot pitch markets will not disappear because of technological progress, because different pixel pitch corresponds to different viewing distances, and also represents different product forms, but the quantity (scale) will continue to shift.

At the packaging level, “products with different point spacing will correspond to 1-2 types of RGB lamp beads”, Xu Bin said. At the packaging level, there will be requirements for products with different point spacing. For example, p0.9 and P1.0 will have separate products to correspond to.

In addition, Xu Bin pointed out that the data shows that p1.25 and above TOPLED discrete devices will occupy more than 80% of the market share. The reason is that although the luminous angle of TOPLED is not as good as chipled, the cost is low, so that customers can afford it, and the market scale will naturally be very large“ And TOPLED air tightness is very good, which ensures the quality of products. From our company’s shipping point of view, the whole TOPLED product series accounts for a large proportion. “

Specifically, Dongshan precision product layout and technical route. For miniled multi in one product (miniimd package), Xu Bin believes that the short-term market can be expected. First of all, miniled multi-in-one products can achieve smaller spacing. Xu Bin said, “under P1.0, multi-in-one devices will be the first to achieve mass production of P 0.4 point spacing. Formal products can achieve P 0.5 and P 0.7, and flip chip products can achieve P 0.4 and P 0.6, which can help us move forward to the field of smaller point spacing.”

Secondly, the flip chip pad spacing of miniled multi in one product is larger, which can effectively improve the metal migration resistance and high refresh ability. Moreover, the flip chip + solder paste orflux can effectively reduce the thermal resistance of the product and lower the screen temperature; Thirdly, the overall cost of miniled multi in one product is better than that of cob for small spacing display within p0.9; As well as the application of Dongshan precision patented surface treatment technology to achieve ultra black ink, high contrast, high color reduction.

At present, minicob products have some problems in mass production, such as screen printing, cost, pass through rate of good products, repair process and consistency of colloidal ink color. Among them, the consistency of colloidal ink color is the biggest problem. Xu Bin said, “cob part needs a substrate, and the substrate manufacturers did not pay attention to ink color and color difference at first, but only focused on performance. But at present, LED packaging is faced with direct display problem. We need to show it to customers directly. What customers see is the surface of the product, and the plate has color difference, Will have a more obvious impact on the direct display

However, Xu Bin also pointed out that this year, minicob technology has gradually matured, and Dongshan precision is also cooperating with customers to help them solve packaging problems.

No matter what kind of technical route, Xu Bin believes that minirgb also needs to improve product stability, continuously reduce costs, give full play to the advantages of large display, and increase the demand for special scenes such as command rooms at all levels of government departments, indoor conference screens of enterprises, TV stations and console.

In addition, in the RGB field, Xu Bin believes that outdoor RGB products have gradually entered the P1. X era, and the demand for ultra-high stability products will increase. At present, Dongshan precision has launched 1212, 1515 and other gold wire series and black lamp series and other ultra-high performance products.

Mini backlight products benefit from the combination of LCD and local dimming. It has the advantages of wide color gamut, high contrast, low energy consumption, brightness of more than 1000 nits, 800ppi and so on. It has become an ideal backlight solution at present.

In view of the characteristics of mini backlight, Xu Bin said that mini backlight will have great development in notebook computers, electronic competitive displays, large-size TVs, vehicle display and other fields.

At present, Dongshan precision has launched a variety of solutions for different application scenarios.

For TV and MNT application scenarios, 0606mini front / back and 0404mini front / back products are launched, including 0606mini front / back od3-10 and 0404mini front / back od1-5. Xu Bin introduced that the TV and MNT solutions launched by the company have good optical adjustment consistency and reasonable cost, which can provide great help in the competition between LCD and OLED.

The products for Nb and VR application scenarios are 13.9-inch minicob and 3-inch minicob respectively, with OD equal to 0. Among them, the LED number of 13.9-inch minicob products is 18423 PCs and the partition is 288.

In addition to a wealth of product solutions, Dongshan precision also has a perfect patent and technical layout for miniled, covering energy efficiency, cost, contrast, color gamut, lightness and other aspects.

At the end of the speech, Xu Bin concluded, “we think that the small spacing LED display of p0.9-p2 will be the mainstream of the market, and the price competition of products within P2 will be more and more fierce.”

In terms of miniled, Xu Bin believes that minirgb products within p0.9 are subject to cost, process maturity and other problems, and the short-term market share is not high, but there will be specific markets. From the technical level, miniimd packaging will give priority to mass production of P0.4 products, minicob as the future technology direction has begun to emerge, and technological breakthrough is just around the corner; Mini backlight will also find a good positioning in the whole backlight market. “We predict that mini backlight will become the mainstream backlight in specific areas.”

The 2020 high tech led annual conference, named by Zhaoyuan optoelectronics, lasted for two days. Representatives of more than 30 enterprises delivered wonderful keynote speeches on hot topics such as mini / microled, UVLED, small spacing led, intelligent lighting and health lighting. For more information about the 2020 high tech led annual conference, please pay attention to the follow-up report of high tech new display!

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