The j-20, developed by Chengfei, is the first stealth fighter in China. It has excellent stealth capability, situational awareness capability and beyond visual range strike capability. It can find, launch and shoot down the enemy first in air combat. With its powerful combat capability and deterrence, the j-20 is known as the “national heavy weapon”. In addition to the j-20, China is also developing another stealth fighter fc-31. The aircraft was developed and built by Shenfei, but due to various reasons, only two prototypes have been produced, so there is no follow-up information.

Domestic "sword" stealth UAV, the use of new technology will become a weapon to defeat the enemy

Since its first flight, the fc-31 has been expected to replace the J-15 as the next generation of carrier based aircraft. However, the development progress of the fighter is slow, and there is still a long time to go before mass production. At a time when the future of fc-31 is uncertain, another stealth aircraft in China is quietly emerging, which is the domestic “sword” stealth UAV manufactured by AVIC Hongdu company. The aircraft went offline in 2012 and successfully made its first flight in 2013. At present, the “sword” UAV has become an important part of our army’s unmanned bee colony operations.

It is learned from relevant data that the “sword” UAV adopts a unique flying wing layout, and its shape is somewhat similar to the U.S. B-2. It is equipped with a Russian made rd-93 engine, with a maximum range of 4000 kg and a missile carrying capacity of 2 tons. The data has exceeded the light and medium-sized fighters in active service in some countries. As a UAV, “sword” is equipped with advanced phased array radar, the latest intelligent electronic equipment and Beidou navigation system, which can automatically search for targets and launch attacks. With its low detectability, “sword” can be used as a sharp spear to pierce the enemy’s air defense network and clear high-value targets on the ground.

It is speculated that as UAVs play an increasingly important role in modern war, China may develop a combat aircraft carrier specially carrying UAVs in the future. In the execution of combat tasks, the “sword” UAV can coordinate operations through the data link system to launch a bee colony attack on enemy targets. The extensive use of UAV can not only greatly improve the operational efficiency, but also reduce casualties. At that time, UAVs are expected to replace manned fighters and become the great wall of steel to safeguard national defense and security.

In addition to the “sword” stealth UAV, China has also developed a number of advanced UAVs, including the “Rainbow” and “pterosaur” series. These two models are particularly popular in the international arms market and are welcomed by the Middle East countries. In the future, it can be predicted that the UAV with new technology will become a sharp weapon to defeat the enemy.

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