Recently, pienger, a SiC & Gan power device designer and solution provider, officially announced the establishment of a European & North American sales team in cooperation with foxy power in Germany.

Mr. Gao zhiting, vice president of pinejie in charge of marketing and sales, said: “Over the past three years, pinejet has devoted itself to research and development, and has released more than 50 650V / 1200V / 1700V SiC SBD, 650V, 1200V, 1700V, 750V SiC MOS and 650V GaN HEMT power devices. These products have been introduced and used by some front-line customers at home and abroad. After the real-time test and verification of the third-party organization, the global first-line customers, the product performance has reached the international first-class level. We strive to become the world leader The Chinese SiC & Gan brand with the largest share in the overseas market. “

It is understood that pinejet is a third-generation semiconductor power device design and solution provider established in September 2018. At present, it is one of the main members of the jc-70 meeting of the international standards committee and participates in the formulation of the international standard for wide band gap semiconductor power devices. Huang Xing, its founder, is a doctor of North Carolina State University, who is under the leadership of Dr. B. Jayant Baliga (lifelong member of IEEE, academician of the American Academy of Sciences, inventor of IGBT, awarded the National Medal for technological innovation by Obama) and Dr. Alex Q. Huang (IEEE fellow, inventor of emitter turn-off thyristor (ETO)) in Cree / RFMD (qorvo) /Usci and others have ten years of SiC & Gan power device design experience, published more than 10 scientific papers, cited more than 350 times, and more than 20 patented inventions, with strong technical strength.

To this end, in March 2019, only six months after its establishment, pinejet released the first 650V Gan power device compatible with driving. 1200V SiC MOS of gen3 technology was completed in August of the same year, filling the domestic gap. In 2020, 650V and 1700V industrial MOS for 5g data center, server and industrial auxiliary power supply and 650V vehicle specification MOS for on-board charger will be released successively. 1200V high current vehicle specification level MOS was released in February 2021, which is applied to electric drive monotubes and modules of electric vehicles.

According to official data, pinejet’s SiC wafers are produced by x-fab, a leading global wafer foundry. X-fab is the first foundry in the world to provide 150mm SiC process, and it is also the top 3 SiC wafer foundry with large-scale mass production capacity in the world, with reliable production capacity and quality.

High temperature resistance, high frequency, high power, high voltage and other characteristics make SiC devices play an important role in many fields, such as rail transit, power grid, photovoltaic inverter, new energy vehicle, charging pile and so on. Gan technology is expected to greatly improve applications such as power management, power generation and power output. In recent years, Chinese enterprises have rapidly laid out the third generation semiconductor field. As a rookie of wide band gap semiconductor power devices, pinejet began to layout the world, which shows that the technical level of China’s third-generation semiconductor enterprises has the opportunity to compete with international enterprises.

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