Huawei’s new flexible mobile phones with high flexible screen and high red screen will be released soon Domestic OLED panel listed company vicino has been busy recently.

Behind the bustling press conference of intelligent terminal products, the innovative display effect brought by flexible screen is becoming the booster of terminal innovation. Therefore, OLED screen manufacturers are more and more concerned, and their innovative technology strength and capacity strength have become the key to supply more first-line brand customers.

A number of OLED innovative technology reserves under the differentiation strategy

Domestic OLED screens are growing up, and there is no obvious difference in technology level with foreign display enterprises. Especially in product innovation, panel manufacturers such as vicino have realized mass production and supply, and many products have become the first batch in the industry. For example, the Red Devils 5g game phone released last month, using the vicino screen, reached a high refresh rate of 144 Hz for the first time, providing users with more detailed animation effects, leading the breakthrough in the mobile phone field in the refresh rate; oppo, the first smart watch of oppo The 3D hyperbolic screen adopted by watch is provided by vicino, which is the first time that hyperbolic screen is adopted in the field of smart watch, which greatly improves the decorative properties of wearable devices and makes the product known as the most beautiful Android watch of this year.

The domestic OLED screen of Al is rising, and vicino publicly said that the company's products have entered the supply chain of first-line brand customers

It is understood that in 2019, vicino also supplied the world’s first surround screen mobile phone, Xiaomi mix α, the first ZTE 5g mobile phone axon10 pro with flexible on cell metal mesh technology in China, and the world’s first flexible wearable wrist device Nubia α. Vino A is the first vehicle in the world to produce transparent car. In the supply of these innovative fields, the innovative experience brought by OLED flexible screen technology has become the key selling point of terminal products.

In fact, since 2015, vicino has been applied in various products such as smart wear, square round watches, smart phones of all sizes, on-board OLED display, curly folding display and other products. Vicino’s recent supply of innovative products is closely related to the OLED innovative technology that has been intensively researched and developed. In terms of technology reserve, vicino has realized the application of core technologies such as off screen camera, off screen fingerprint, on cell touch, ultra narrow frame and through-hole full screen in AMOLED display. The technology application and downstream products have always maintained the frontier innovation.

OLED is a heavy asset, capital intensive industry. In the early stage of industrial development, vicino focuses on the differentiated competition strategy in the high-end innovation field and establishes market advantages in the subdivision field. On the one hand, it can better realize the customization of customer products, improve the profit of single product and improve the economic benefits of production line. For example, the 5.5 generation AMOLED production line in Kunshan, which has achieved more innovative supply in the field of wear, is more efficient than generation 6 in combination with the reserve leading technology. Moreover, as the wearable market becomes increasingly hot and the screen price of innovative wearable products is relatively high, it is expected that the production line will greatly improve its economic value. On the other hand, through the supply cooperation in subdivided fields and the cooperation with terminal customers in cutting-edge technology innovation of high-end products, vicino can better “show muscle” to show its technical strength, save enough technical chips for supplying more first-line brand customers in the future when the production capacity of OLED is greatly released, and lay a good customer base in advance.

With the coming of capacity release period, customer cooperation of several first-line brands is just the beginning

If you sow ahead of time, you will reap. Vicino has entered the supply chain of Huawei, Xiaomi and oppo. Among them, the new mobile phone of flexible screen for Huawei glory will be released in the near future. There are also industry insiders said that vicino and apple have always maintained good contact and communication.

The reason why vicino can supply flexible screens with many first-line brand terminals is not only related to its innovative technology, but also directly related to the current production capacity released by the company’s production lines. Huawei, Xiaomi and other mainstream first-line brand mobile phone manufacturers have relatively large product sales. In addition to the high requirements for screen quality, the demand for screen capacity is also large. Because of its early start in OLED, the 5.5 generation AMOLED production line of Kunshan has been shipped in volume in 2015. The production capacity of the line is ranked first in the Chinese mainland’s AMOLED panel manufacturer’s shipping area in 2017, and is currently the best 5.5 generation AMOLED production line in China. In 2019, vicino publicly stated that the overall yield of Kunshan’s 5.5 generation AMOLED production line reached 90%.

Vicino’s sixth generation fully flexible AMOLED production line in Gu’an is the first fully flexible AMOLED production line in China. The construction speed and operation efficiency of the production line are far higher than those in the industry. It only takes about 3 months from design to lighting up. In 2019, it realizes the KK level delivery of flexible screen single product, and supplies Xiaomi annual heavyweight model cc9 pro. The product is highly praised by users and increases the secondary supply orders. The production line reserves the mainstream technology of folding, curling, punching full screen, under screen camera, on-cell, narrow frame, high refresh rate and other mainstream technology, and supplies millet mix Alpha surround screen, together with Xiaomi, developed the world’s first double folding mobile phone and full screen mobile phone with off screen camera. ZTE’s first 5g mobile phone, axon10pro, is the first product in China to adopt flexible on cell technology. Compared with the traditional flexible screen, the screen thickness is reduced by 30%.

The comprehensive yield rate of visino Gu’an production line reached 70% last year. At present, its operation has entered a mature stage and is becoming the main supply line of its flexible screen. With the rapid increase of the penetration rate of flexible screens in small and medium-sized fields, more intelligent terminals will be equipped with OLED screens, and it is obvious that the visino Gu’an production line will join hands with more first-line brand customers with the help of high capacity release and innovative technology. Vicino recently publicly said on the interactive e-commerce that the company’s products have entered the supply chain of first-line brand customers and are gradually introducing more brand customers. It is expected that new customers carrying the company’s screen will be listed in the near future.

According to the analysis of the DSCC report, it is expected that the penetration rate of OLED in the smartphone market will exceed 50% in 2023. In the face of a broad market, the layout of vicino’s production line is speeding up. Hefei’s sixth generation full flexible AMOLED production line will be moved into equipment in the near future. Guangzhou’s full flexible AMOLED module production line will officially light up by the end of 2020, and the first product will be delivered around the Spring Festival in 2021, which can fully cope with the supply pressure of future flexible panel production capacity transforming into high-end intelligent terminal products.

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