At the end of November, Renesas electronics, a Japanese semiconductor manufacturer, sent a price increase notice, which took effect on January 1, 2021.

Following the price increase of Renesas electronics, it has been reported in the industry that five major Taiwan MCU plants, namely shengqun (Hetai), Lingtong, Songhan, Hongkang and Xintang, have recently increased their quotations simultaneously. Some items have been adjusted by more than 10%, and the delivery time has been extended to four months.

Domestic MCU manufacturers may usher in new opportunities

MCU (micro control unit) is widely used in all kinds of electronic products, providing storage and computing functions. According to the latest data of icinsights, the market size of MCU will increase by 9.3% to US $20.4 billion in 2019, and the shipment volume of MCU will increase by 11.7% in 2019; China’s MCU market has reached 25.6 billion yuan.

Q4 is the traditional production peak season, and terminal manufacturers in various fields including apple supply chain begin to plan to increase production, which leads to a substantial increase in order demand of MCU manufacturers.

In addition, according to market sources quoted by Taiwan media, the impact of last month’s Italian French semiconductor strike is emerging and continues to ferment. At present, the news of long delivery time has been heard from all major MCU manufacturers in Taiwan.

At present, the domestic MCU market is mainly divided up by Renesas electronics, NXP, STMicroelectronics, Infineon and Texas Instruments, while the domestic MCU echelons include Zhaoyi innovation, Junzheng, Zhongying electronics and Hangshun.

Under the background of the rise of MCU price and the sharp increase of orders, Huachuang Securities pointed out that many terminal manufacturers have chosen to use domestic MCU instead, and domestic MCU manufacturers may usher in new opportunities.

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