A few days ago, Gulun Electronics accepted the survey of 70 institutions and revealed a lot of EDA information when accepting the survey of specific objects. As a domestic EDA manufacturer, the products developed by Gulun Electronics are suitable for the integration of analog circuits, digital circuits, memory circuits and mixed signal circuits. circuit, realizing transistor-level circuit simulation and verification, chip yield and reliability analysis, circuit optimization and other functions.

Main content records of investor relations activities:

Question: How is the development of the domestic EDA market and enterprises? What are the advantages of the company compared with domestic and foreign counterparts?

Answer: Domestic EDA companies have received great attention from the state, local governments and the industry in the past 2-3 years, especially the attention and investment of the capital market. The Science and Technology Innovation Board has created a platform for accelerated development of hard-core technology companies and opened The virtuous circle of capital market and technological innovation; the demand for domestic substitution is enhanced and the supporting role of domestic EDA to the domestic industry is gradually enhanced, and the development environment of the domestic EDA industry is further optimized, which has contributed to the current situation of the EDA industry flourishing. Combined with the market size and technical characteristics of the EDA industry and the history of the development of international EDA companies, the integration of the domestic EDA industry is still a major trend in the long run. Talent training, ecological construction, industry integration, and the cultivation of large-scale EDA platform enterprises that are competitive in the international market and can create better solutions provide development opportunities.

EDA is the support of integrated circuit ecology and the carrier of integrated circuit design and manufacturing process. To develop China’s integrated circuit industry, it is necessary to have the support and promotion of domestic EDA. As the first listed company in the domestic capital market with EDA as its main business, Guilun Electronics has international market competitiveness and already has leading core technologies in some subdivided fields, and has key elements for the development of high-tech hard-core enterprises. The development of domestic EDA has a unique understanding and advanced strategic planning, and will be committed to leading the development of the industry by creating an EDA industry chain ecosystem based on the DTCO concept.

Q: The company’s intelligent semiconductor device model automatic extraction platform SDEP has been adopted by Samsung, so how is the introduction of the company’s products to domestic memory manufacturers?

Answer: SDEP products have passed the testing and certification of advanced process technology of Samsung foundry, helping Samsung and its customers shorten the development time of SPICE models, speed up the development efficiency of traditional process nodes, and realize DTCO (design-process collaborative optimization) under advanced process nodes ) to iterate quickly. New technical products must be verified by customers first to ensure competitiveness and value. The first promotion and expansion of international customers is also the choice of Guilun Electronics. This is also based on the company’s deep cultivation in the international market for many years and Efforts in ecological cooperation.

At the same time, this product has also been introduced to some leading domestic customers. This year, other customers at home and abroad have also been in contact with it. The company also hopes to bring this product to more domestic and foreign customers and assist customers to continuously improve their products. Development efficiency.

Q: Please introduce the NanoSpice series products and the selection preferences of corresponding customers?

A: The company’s circuit simulation and verification EDA tools can be applied to integrated circuits such as analog circuits, digital circuits, memory circuits, and mixed-signal circuits, and realize functions such as transistor-level circuit simulation and verification, chip yield and reliability analysis, and circuit optimization.

NanoSpice is a large-capacity, high-precision, high-performance parallel SPICE circuit simulator launched by Gulun Electronics. It is especially optimized for circuit simulation of high-precision analog circuits and large-scale post-simulation circuits, while meeting high-precision, large-capacity and high-performance requirements. High-end circuit simulation requirements; NanoSpice Giga is a giga-level transistor-level SPICE circuit simulator independently developed by the company. It can process circuit simulation of more than one billion units through a parallel simulation engine based on big data, and can be used for various memory circuits and customized digital circuits. and full-chip simulation verification; NanoSpice Pro is a FastSPICE circuit simulator with excellent performance and large capacity. Through its unique dual-engine architecture, it can significantly improve the productivity of chip designers and solve large-scale memories (such as DRAM, SRAM, Verification challenges for complex designs such as Flash, MRAM), FPGA, custom digital, and system-on-chip (SoC).

On the whole, Gulun Electronics is one of the few companies in the industry other than Synopsys and Cadence Electronics that has a full line of circuit emulators, and it is an EDA company that has been mass-produced by the world’s leading design companies.

Q: Does the company’s mergers and acquisitions tend to be domestic or foreign?

Answer: The promotion of the company’s merger and acquisition integration work mainly depends on whether there are suitable targets in the market, whether the targets have a certain technical level, whether they have technical advantages and the possibility of technology productization; at the same time, the layout around the DTCO concept is also an important target screening standard .

At present, the company does not deliberately plan how many mergers and acquisitions to do within a certain period of time, and whether the target is foreign or domestic. It mainly follows the synergy effect in products, technologies or customers, combined with the maturity of the target, and the timing of entry. factors, decide whether to integrate mergers and acquisitions, and adjust the way of mergers and acquisitions in a timely manner.

Q: Does the company not have customers in the digital space? What is the layout of the digital field in the future? Are you in contact with some start-ups or early-stage companies in the digital field?

Answer: At present, many of the company’s customer applications include digital terminals, or are mainly based on digital circuit design. The company’s EDA tools also support the design of digital terminals, and there are already customers in the digital field.

At the same time, the company has also made a long-term layout in the field of digital circuit EDA: on the one hand, a considerable part of the products of the Korean EDA company Entasys acquired by the company are digital circuit EDA-related products, which can lay a foundation for the company’s development in the digital field; on the other hand , the company took advantage of the platform advantages of listed companies, and also participated in the establishment of an EDA special investment fund, and has promoted the incubation of EDA start-ups. The business direction of related companies also involves the field of digital circuit EDA.

Q: What is the upgrade cycle of the company’s products?

Answer: Under normal circumstances, the company’s main products have about two major version updates every year, once in the first half of the year and the second half of the year. In actual business execution, there may be an update of the engineering version every month according to the temporary situation, and when the next version is iterated, the product upgrade will cover all customers and become a general version.

From the perspective of customers’ daily use, the higher-end and more advanced customers have higher requirements and frequency for iterations. Some high-end customers even require product iterations every day. Repair the problems encountered, improve the function of some tools, support the new methodologies involved in the use of tools, etc. The company has on-site engineers in some high-end large customers, and communicates with them continuously. Overall, iteration is very fast for the design and advanced technology of some high-end chips.

Q: What is the business positioning of the company’s proposed new Singapore subsidiary and Taiwan branch? Is it to facilitate customer collaboration or to find targets for mergers and acquisitions?

Answer: With the continuous expansion of the company’s scale and the continuous expansion of sales channels, the layout of Guilun Electronics continues to expand domestically and globally. At present, in addition to the Shanghai headquarters, the company has subsidiaries in Jinan, Beijing, Guangzhou, Seoul, Silicon Valley and other places. Company or branch, at present, the Singapore subsidiary has been established, and the Taiwan branch is also undergoing the establishment procedure. The Singapore subsidiary will focus on research and development, while taking into account sales and customer support in Southeast Asia; the Taiwan branch will be mainly positioned to develop sales and provide customer support in Taiwan. The company intends to set up a wholly-owned subsidiary in Singapore and a Taiwan branch. First, it can make full use of the talent advantages in relevant overseas regions and continuously improve the company’s R&D capabilities; second, it will help the company better develop markets and improve Customer support capabilities, improve the company’s industry status and product market share, and further enhance the company’s profitability and comprehensive competitiveness.

For the company, the integration of mergers and acquisitions does not necessarily require a localized team. The success of mergers and acquisitions is mainly based on the resources and experience accumulated over the years, as well as the judgment of the industry’s development of EDA needs, the understanding of development rules and logic, so the company It is not for the purpose of mergers and acquisitions to establish branches, but mainly for the consideration of business development.

Q: Is the sales of the company’s testing instruments packaged with the software? If it is packaged sales, what is the competitive advantage?

Answer: The company’s software and hardware products can be sold separately, and there is no requirement to force customers to purchase testing instruments while purchasing modeling software products. But at the same time, the company’s hardware products and modeling products also have a strong synergistic effect. On the one hand, the data collected by the company’s semiconductor device characteristic testing equipment is the data source required for device modeling and verification EDA tools, which can effectively promote the company’s device construction. The development and improvement of modeling and verification EDA tools; on the other hand, the data requirements of device modeling and verification EDA tools drive the targeted improvement and optimization of semiconductor device characteristic test instruments and test processes to improve test efficiency and accuracy. Since the company considers the endogenous optimization and synergy between products during development, customers can obtain more efficient and optimized data measurement, analysis and modeling processes when using two types of products at the same time;

The main business of Shanghai Guilun Electronics Co., Ltd. is to provide customers with EDA products and solutions that have been widely verified and used by the world’s leading integrated circuit design and manufacturing companies for a long time. The main products are manufacturing EDA tools, design EDA tools, semiconductor device characteristic testing instruments, semiconductor engineering services, etc. As of the end of the reporting period, the company has owned a number of independent intellectual property rights of EDA core technologies, including 19 invention patents, 35 software copyrights, and has abundant technical secrets.

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