After experiencing the high attention in 2019, VR is like a pearl covered with dust and gradually loses its popularity. After 5g is officially put into commercial use in 2019, VR returns and is well known and valued by more people.

There are many kinds of VR, among which we are familiar with VR games, VR glasses, etc., but in fact, VR panoramic marketing is more widely used and closer to our life.

Generally speaking, VR panorama is to restore the real picture 1:1 through VR panorama technology, break through the restrictions of time, space and other conditions, and enable users to have an immersive, interactive and real-time online experience.

So why is VR panoramic marketing so popular? We can start with the consumer transformation process.

If we divide the consumer transformation process into three stages: attraction → encouragement → order, the huge marketing advantages of VR panorama will run through the whole process and help businesses!

Step 1: Attract

In the past, the online publicity we saw was mainly pictures and text introduction, while VR panorama can realize the three-dimensional scene effect of virtual reality, 360 panorama horizontally and vertically, 720 degree perspective, live shooting, real three-dimensional, interactive traction and immersive.

VR panorama provides experiential marketing, immersive display of store panorama, presentation of different product details, customized customer needs, attracts consumers with detail display and unique panoramic experience, constructs interactive marketing scenarios around brand content, and better tells brand stories.

Step 2: encourage

Through the marketing activities such as coupons and red envelopes in the panoramic scene, encourage consumers to place orders online, act as a bridge between online and offline, guide consumers to offline stores, so as to increase offline sales, and obtain better reputation and customer favor through offline “face-to-face” so as to attract long-term customers.

Step 3: form an order

After the order is completed, we can combine panoramic user browsing data and membership system to obtain character portraits, establish customer files for classified retention, optimize operation, improve service level, analyze shopping preferences, facilitate secondary sales, and widely recruit new customers with the help of old customer reputation and social circle.

It can be said that panoramic marketing integrates all the advantages of traditional marketing and emphasizes the sense of consumer experience that only physical businesses have. With the landing of 5g, it can become the most advantageous marketing weapon at present.

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