Does the vehicle MCU need to be upgraded

Today, Xiaobian is going to tell you something about cars. Recently, a friend asked whether Xiaobian’s car navigation MCU needs to be upgraded. Now let’s let Xiaobian answer it for you. If you are interested, you can understand it. Maybe it will help you.

The navigation MCU needs to be upgraded on a regular basis. It is recommended that riders upgrade on a regular basis. If they can’t upgrade themselves, they can go to the 4S store for professional help.

I think the rate of using the original car’s navigation system on the vehicle’s central control screen is very low. Most of the riders basically use some navigation software on their mobile phones to navigate.

Some riders’ central control screens can be connected to the Internet. Such central control screens can download apps. In this way, they can also download some navigation software to navigate.

Many cars have carlife and Carplay functions. These two functions can connect Android phones and apple phones.

After connecting the mobile phone, you can answer and make calls, send short messages, adjust the car with voice assistant, navigate, listen to music, etc. These two functions are very convenient to use.

If you want to use carlife or Carplay to connect your mobile phone, you need to use a data line. It is recommended that riders use the original data line. The original data cable has the function of data transmission.

Most of the data cables purchased in the later stage only have charging function, but no data transmission function, so there is no reaction after the data cables purchased in the later stage are plugged in.

Of course, after buying back the mobile phone – do not lose the original data line, the quality of the original data line is very good, and the charging speed is also very fast.

When using the multimedia entertainment system of the vehicle at ordinary times, it must be used under the condition of ensuring safety. That’s all for the introduction of Xiaobian. After reading these introductions, do you have a certain understanding of the need to upgrade the vehicle navigation MCU! I hope the introduction of Xiaobian can help you, you can also go to other pages of the site to continue to read Oh, at the same time, thank you for your support.

What’s the use of car MCU upgrade

Vehicle MCU is the vehicle microcontroller, which is the abbreviation of micro controller unit. It is mainly used to connect and control various peripheral circuits and interface circuits of the vehicle. Upgrading the vehicle MCU can improve the efficiency of the central control computer and make it more powerful.

In order to improve the processing performance of MCU, we must start from its core, software and hardware system architecture, and use the fr81s of Fujitsu new generation MCU The CPU core, for example, has a performance of 1.3mips/mhz, which is 30% higher than that of the previous generation FR60 core. Because it has a built-in single precision floating-point unit (FPU), it can meet the requirements of image processing systems and those systems that need floating-point operation functions (such as brake control). In addition, the hardware based FPU support can simplify the software program and improve the computing performance.

As the core of internal calculation and processing of automotive electronic system, MCU is widely used in dozens of sub systems, such as suspension, airbag, door control and audio system. As a high-speed vehicle, the vehicle carries the protection of the life safety of users, and the vehicle often works in a very bad environment, so the reliability requirements of internal electronic equipment are much higher than that of general electronic products. Therefore, although the structure of MCU used in automotive electronics is not very different from that of general products, the general MCU products can not be selected because the reliability can not meet the requirements of manufacturers, which is one of the differences between automotive electronics and general electronics market.

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