Does the humidifier have radiation

You should know that electrical appliances have radiation, and humidifiers are no exception. In the list of household appliance radiation, the radiation of humidifiers belongs to five-star household appliance radiation. You may not expect that the radiation of popular humidifiers is so large. When you are close to humidifiers, the radiation is 100 MGS, and it drops to less than 1 MGS when you leave 1m, so you are using humidifiers It’s better to keep a safe distance of more than 1m.

Harm of electromagnetic radiation: long term exposure to strong electromagnetic radiation has adverse effects on the fetus; it is also one of the causes of childhood leukemia. For adults, it can cause palpitations, insomnia, decreased vision, and cataract; it can induce cancer and affect the immune, reproductive and metabolic functions of the human body.

Tip: microwave oven, electric blanket, dust washer and fat sports machine are also close to the humidifier. It’s better to keep a safe distance when using these appliances.

Humidifier with fog and no fog which good

Humidifier is not fog, more humidifier effect is better. The humidifier without fog is better. Now the humidifier without fog is called evaporation humidification, which is equivalent to turning on similar steam. It is more environmentally friendly and reliable. Now the humidifier with fog is called ultrasonic humidifier. If it is not used properly, it is likely to appear the phenomenon of white powder, which may have a bad effect on the human bronchus.

1. More fog, more dust

The mist emitted by the humidifier is actually some small water particles, and the minerals in the water will spray out together with the water mist. These white mist containing minerals has strong adsorption capacity, and will absorb the residual toxic pollutants such as dust, bacteria, viruses and decoration in the air.

2. The big fog is easy to stimulate the trachea

Especially in the case of poor air quality, there are many tiny particles in the air. After being absorbed by white fog, it is easy to stimulate the trachea and bronchial mucosa, causing a variety of respiratory diseases.

Doctor’s advice:

Wang Jian, chief physician of respiratory department of Shanghai Ninth People’s Hospital, said that winter itself is a high incidence season of respiratory diseases. If the humidifier is not properly selected, it may harm the body, such as the humidifier that emits a lot of white fog.

The respiratory mucosa of the elderly, pregnant women and children are more vulnerable to these pollutants. Therefore, in the purchase of humidifier, should try to choose adjustable fog size.

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