In this era of fast charging, not only the charging head and data cable are under the name of fast charging, but what flash charging, fast charging and second charging make us confused.

However, many people will encounter a problem when buying charging devices. Does the charging speed of mobile phone depend on the charging head or the data line?

Does the charging speed of the mobile phone depend on the charging head or the data cable?

Charging head

The charging head is the source of current output. It determines the output power of voltage and electricity, and also determines the maximum charging power that can be provided to the mobile phone. The original or big brand charging head can guarantee the sufficient and stable current output.

data line

The main function of data line is the transmission of current. The quality of the data cable and the performance of the wire also have a certain impact on the charging efficiency. The quality of the data cable determines the loss of the current in the process of transmission. The better the conductivity of the wire, the smaller the resistance, so that the real-time transmission to the phone more sufficient power.

The charging speed depends on the charging head or the data line, both of which have certain influence. After all, the charging equipment is not only one of them that can complete the work, but also the fast charging equipment is generally configured with high power. If the power of the two does not match, it will more or less affect the charging speed and safety.

If you buy a fast charging head, you’d better configure a fast charging data cable with the same high performance. If you don’t know how to choose a high-quality data cable, it’s right to choose the recommended products.

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