In modern society, science and technology are fully digitalized, and the walkie-talkie industry is also showing a trend of comprehensive development from analog to digital. DMR digital walkie-talkie has become the mainstream standard of commercial digital walkie-talkie. Its spectrum utilization, voice clarity, communication security, and manageability have obvious advantages over traditional analog FM walkie-talkies, and its performance and functions are generally recognized by users.

In the early stage of the promotion of DMR digital walkie-talkies, due to the high prices of imported products and big-name products, and the immature domestic independent research and development technology, the popularization was limited to a certain extent. However, in recent years, domestic walkie-talkie module R&D and production enterprises have launched a series of low- and medium-priced DMR walkie-talkie modules through technological improvement, which in turn prompted manufacturers to produce low- and medium-priced DMR walkie-talkies, and promoted the popularization of DMR digital walkie-talkies throughout the industry. Some low-budget industry users and individual users have the opportunity to use digital walkie-talkies with little cost and experience the development of communication technology.

Project Introduction:

This project is provided by the technology solution provider of Huaqiang Electronics Industry Research Institute’s Achievement Transformation and Technology Transfer Service Platform.

This project can provide a variety of medium, high and low-end DMR digital walkie-talkie core modules to realize the core software and hardware solutions of DMR digital walkie-talkies in line with international standards.

M1900 is a high-performance module developed for railway, electric power and other industries. It adopts the same superheterodyne RF architecture and independent phase-locked loop as Motorola to ensure reliable operation under strong interference. Based on independent chip development, software is used to complete many hardware functions, greatly reducing the size. With the industry’s unique I2S audio interface, leading high-definition sound quality. With patented technology, the DMR standby current is as low as 35mA, leading the industry.

M6 is a cost-effective product for ordinary business users. Adopt high integration design, the whole machine is smart and convenient. Excellent low-power design, with a standby current of 45mA, which is better than most similar products; the battery weight is greatly reduced under the same battery life.

Application scenarios:

The technical solution of this project can be applied to various terminal intercom products and intercom application scenarios.

Application product form: including civil intercom, commercial intercom, vehicle radio, building wireless intercom system, repeater, intercom helmet and other terminal intercom products;

Application scenarios: audio remote wireless transmission application scenarios such as public safety, transportation, public utilities, commercial fields, emergency communications, industrial Internet of Things wireless data transmission, and special industry intercom communications.

DMR digital intercom module terminal application product form (example)

Technical advantages:

  • Primary source factory
  • Focus on DMR modules
  • Self-developed underlying algorithm
  • Has a number of invention patents
  • Support in-depth custom development
  • Features a narrowband ad hoc network solution
  • Mature technical solutions and mature production facilities (which have been applied to branded walkie-talkie manufacturers on a large scale)
  • Diversification of module products (full range of high and low end)
  • The R&D team has the professional background of Hytera

Core parameters:

  • Standby current can be as low as 35mA

Product Image:

DMR digital walkie-talkie core module

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