So far, the national development and Reform Commission has approved three batches of 292 incremental distribution reform pilot projects. In order to guide the implementation of these pilot projects as soon as possible, the national development and Reform Commission and the national energy administration have issued a large number of policies and documents, and the development and reform and energy departments of some provinces and regions have also issued corresponding implementation rules.

We sorted out the existing policy documents, combined with our practice and exploration in many projects, divided the work to be carried out before the implementation of the incremental distribution pilot project (which can officially carry out the distribution business operation) according to the responsible subjects, and formed the following flow chart (click the picture to view the large picture):

Division diagram of work flow to be carried out before the implementation of incremental distribution pilot project

For the sake of space and clarity, in the above flow chart, we only listed the most important work, and did not refine the internal process of the listed work.

In particular, this process is aimed at incremental distribution pilot projects led by local governments or parks (such projects account for the vast majority of the current pilot projects). The process of enterprises using their own distribution assets to carry out incremental distribution business will be different.

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