Ccwdm is compact CWDM (compact coarse wavelength division multiplexing) is a kind of WDM technology based on TFF (thin film filter). Its working mode is the same as that of CWDM module. The difference is that ccwdm adopts free space technology (as shown in Figure 1). Compared with common CWDM fiber link mode (as shown in Figure 2), the package size of ccwdm is greatly reduced compared with that of CWDM module, and the insertion loss is lower It can be used in Telecom, enterprise network, PON network, cable TV and other fields instead of CWDM products. The lower insertion loss makes the ccwdm module have lower signal attenuation when using, thus reducing the power requirement of signal transmitter.

Discussion on optical passive device ccwdm

The ccwdm module of HYC adopts free space technology and uses an independent sealed space for optical signal transmission; the working mode is the same as that of CWDM, which inputs (outputs) optical signals from COM, and then outputs (inputs) optical signals through TFF (thin film filter) at other ports. Because the module adopts the parallel optical link of free space technology, which is different from the fiber link used in CWDM, it saves a lot of space. HYC’s ccwdm box module has mature production technology, stable and reliable performance, supporting the use of – 40 ~ + 85 ℃ ambient temperature to ensure the stable transmission of signals.

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