At present, all regions are actively promoting the construction of smart community and smart city, and applying AI, big data and other technologies to various fields, so as to develop the security industry. China Security Engineering Industry Association understands that the number of monitoring probes is relatively large in both large cities and small counties. It is a great challenge for personnel and technology to process the information obtained by these devices in a unified way. The emergence of 5g technology can solve these problems and speed up the security transformation.

5g technology promotes the progress of the security industry. If 5g network is widely used, it can bring convenience to various fields. Take the security industry as an example. The integration of 5g network can speed up the landing speed of intelligent security system. In the face of massive data collected by a large number of cameras, the processing platform is not afraid. It can complete the storage and transmission in a short time, bring users more comfortable experience, and work efficiency becomes higher.

In the process of building a smart city and smart community in an all-round way, there are still some serious problems. In the past, it was difficult for traditional monitoring equipment to interconnect with intelligent monitors. If all the monitoring equipment were replaced, it would cost a lot of money, and many institutions could not afford it. However, with the assistance of 5g technology, the communication protocol between the old and new systems can be modified or converted to achieve rapid transformation, which undoubtedly saves a lot of cost for users.

With the in-depth application of 5g technology in the field of security, it can make the intelligent security products have more functions, and connect the security devices in each scene, realize the interaction and rapid transmission of information, and solve the transmission problem in the traditional security facilities. China Security Engineering Association also learned that 5g can help security equipment to obtain more effective data, and with the assistance of AI and other technologies, it can quickly complete the analysis of data, so that security personnel can quickly respond to emergencies.

The integration of 5g technology and security industry can form a new situation, let more enterprises realize transformation, and then develop more high-end security products. Their application in various fields can promote the security to be intelligent in a certain angle. In other words, 5g can change many businesses in the security industry, accelerate the speed of product innovation and upgrading, and soon occupy a larger market with stronger competitiveness.

In short, 5g technology has promoted the development of security industry to intelligent, and intelligent security has become an important part of urban development, building a safe and comfortable environment for people. China Security Engineering Association said that in the future, security enterprises will further integrate with 5g, AI and other technologies to create intelligent security products that can better meet the needs of the public.

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