On December 18, 2020, dingyang technology officially released sna5000x series vector network analyzer, which has a measurement frequency of up to 8.5ghz, supports 4-port s parameter measurement, differential (balance) measurement, time domain measurement, one key measurement of filter insertion loss, bandwidth and Q value, supports port impedance conversion, port expansion functions, and supports limit test The ripple test function supports fixture simulation and de embedding, linear frequency scanning, logarithmic frequency scanning, segmented frequency scanning and linear power scanning, and supports sol, Solr, TRL, response, enhanced response and other calibration methods. It can be widely used in the R & D, production and manufacturing of filters, duplexers, antennas, active devices, RF cables and other fields.

Low noise, high dynamic range

System dynamic range is a very important index of VNA. It is the difference between the maximum output power of VNA source and the background noise of test port. The dynamic range of sna5000x can reach [email protected] , the noise bottom of the receiver is – 125dbm / Hz, which can be applied to test scenarios with high requirements for dynamic range, such as measuring the passband and out of band suppression performance of the filter at the same time.

S parameter test / balance unbalance test

Sna5000x series supports adding multiple traces in multiple windows for full 4-port S-parameter test, and has a variety of display formats, such as logmag, linmag, Smith, phase, delay, Smith, SWR, polar, etc. it can easily and quickly analyze the transmission coefficient, reflection coefficient, standing wave ratio, impedance matching, phase, delay and other parameters of the measured object. When verifying the characteristics of antennas and filters on the production line, you can also save the reference trace or add a limit template for failure test, which is conducive to improving the production efficiency.

Sna5000x series also supports port impedance transformation function. For example, when testing active differential amplifier, input and output ports can be impedance transformed for differential (balance) measurement (such as SCC, SDD, SCD, SDC and other parameters). This function can also be applied to other differential tests such as differential cables.

Time domain analysis function and eye diagram function

In the field of microwave and RF, how to effectively eliminate the harmful test fixture effect is a big challenge. For example, when testing SMD devices, a specific test fixture is required to realize the transfer between the test end of the test instrument and the input end of the device, resulting in the characteristics of the test fixture included in the test results. At present, the methods provided by sna5000x series to remove the influence of test fixture mainly include: port extension, port matching, port impedance conversion, de embedding, adapter removal, etc.

In addition, sna5000x series also supports the measurement function of TDR time domain reflectometer, which can analyze the characteristic impedance, time delay and other parameters of transmission line in time domain.

Eye diagram can reflect the overall characteristics of digital signals transmitted on the signal link, observe the effects of inter symbol crosstalk and noise, and then estimate the advantages and disadvantages of the system. Therefore, eye diagram analysis is the core of signal integrity analysis of high-speed system. Sna5000x is equipped with eye diagram function, which saves a lot of cost and time for customers who need time-domain analysis of high-speed signals.

Calibration piece

Calibration is a necessary step before VNA makes reliable measurement. At present, dingyang technology can provide 8 kinds of sol mechanical calibration parts, which are divided into economic calibration parts and precision calibration parts. The calibration frequency range covers DC ~ 9ghz, and the interface types include SMA and n. Moreover, sna5000x series can also support the import of calibration parts from other manufacturers and customer-defined calibration parts, so as to protect customers’ investment in calibration parts.

Sna5000x series includes four models: sna5052x, sna5082x, sna5054x and sna5084x. The measurement frequency range covers 9KHz ~ 4.5ghz / 8.5ghz, supports 2-port and 4-port s parameter measurement, has a 12.1-inch touch screen, supports external mouse and keyboard operation, and has a friendly human-computer interaction interface. Compared with the traditional vector network analyzer, it is smaller and lighter, saving a lot of laboratory and production line space for customers. With its rich functions and excellent interactive experience, sna5000x series vector network analyzer is widely used in company R & D, manufacturing, research institutes and other scenes.

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