On October 21, 2020 Beijing International Urban Rail Transit exhibition and Summit Forum was held in Beijing. As a leading provider of private network communication solutions and equipment in the rail transit industry, Dingqiao was invited to make a wonderful appearance at the event.

This conference is the only professional rail transit Exhibition hosted by China Urban Rail Transit Association. As the most influential annual Top exhibition and event in the industry, it is committed to bringing together professionals in the field of rail transit to exchange and discuss the latest policies, industry insights and best practices, and jointly explore the development status and future prospects of China’s smart rail transit. Once the Dingqiao booth appeared, it was highly concerned by the guests.

Respond to the needs of the industry and focus on Urban Rail wireless

Smart city rail is the focus of urban transportation development in recent years. At present, the intelligent construction of rail transit in China has entered the stage of deep integration development, especially the rapid development of emerging technologies such as cloud computing, big data, wireless communication, Internet of things and artificial intelligence, which provides strong technical support for the construction of urban rail transit communication system.

Dingqiao transportation private network communication solution helps the development of urban rail transit communication in China

Dingqiao LTE smart track solution

As a leader in vehicle ground wireless solutions, Dingqiao has been committed to the research in the field of rail transit private network communication. Dingqiao complies with the development trend and business needs of rail transit communication technology, takes the new development concept as the guide, takes technological innovation as the driving force, and takes the information network as the foundation to provide the rail industry with an infrastructure system of digital transformation, intelligent upgrading, integrated innovation and other services.

“Dingqiao LTE smart rail solution provides an integrated solution for the smart city rail industry, further promotes the leapfrog development of smart city rail technology, enables the interconnection of China’s rail transit, and greatly reduces the overall cost of customers.” at the exhibition site, customers stopped at the exhibition site for communication.

Continuous innovation and integration to help the smart city track

Based on the existing lte-m end-to-end solutions, Dingqiao boldly looks forward to the future smart city rail wireless communication, puts forward 5g + lte-m integrated networking scheme, improves the vehicle ground wireless communication capability, and creatively develops 5g industry module, 5g edge computing gateway, 5g industrial grade CPE and other industry application products.

Under the scenario of intelligent operation dispatching (emergency) command center of urban rail network, Dingqiao actively invested in R & D and innovation, developed the overall scheme of intelligent integrated command platform (ICP) + emergency command, solved the problem of networked operation of multi line access lines, and provided the functions of various heterogeneous network integration access, voice, image, location and video data integration and aggregation.

Application of intelligent operation dispatching (emergency) command center of Dingqiao urban rail network

Aiming at the segment of smart passengers in the emergency dispatching and command scenario, Dingqiao innovatively put forward the emergency communication guarantee scheme for large passenger flow in Metro. Combined with portable emergency carrying station, 5g high-definition audio and video recorder, 5gcpe and other equipment, the front and rear ends are interconnected to feed back the real scene in front-line emergency situations to the rear NOCC line network command center at the first time, Help the smart city rail emergency command plan.

Emergency communication guarantee scheme for large passenger flow in Dingqiao

Meanwhile, Dingqiao launched LTE’s innovative IPH scheme. Support video service, and dispatchers can see video information; The terminals will not share a voice channel, and the IPH terminal will not affect the on-board station scheduling. It solves the problems that all passengers of a train share one voice channel, one user occupies the channel, the IPH voice of other users is blocked, only supports voice service, does not support video service, and it is not convenient for the dispatcher to fully understand the actual situation on site.

Join hands with partners to build a harmonious ecology

Since entering the private network market in 2011, Dingqiao has made fruitful achievements in the field of rail transit with its profound technical accumulation, continuous innovation investment and accurate grasp of customer needs. Up to now, more than 50 lines in China have adopted Dingqiao LTE smart track solution, including subway lines in Beijing, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Nanning, Suzhou and Changzhou.

More than 50 lines in China have adopted Dingqiao LTE intelligent rail transit solution

With the construction of smart city, the status of smart rail transit is rising. The development of theories and technologies such as wireless communication technology, Internet of things, cloud computing, big data, mobile office and artificial intelligence, and the emergence of various innovative business software applications provide a solid support for the realization of intelligence in the field of rail transit.

At present, China’s rail transit industry has entered a period of rapid development, business demand is growing explosively, and the market prospect of rail transit wireless private network is broad. Dingqiao will conduct in-depth exploration on smart city rail transit, unswervingly follow the development road of integration and innovation, work with more partners to develop new business applications, prosper the business ecology, provide users with safe and reliable in-depth integration solutions, continuously improve the network value of lte-m and help the information construction of rail transit industry.

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