Recently, in the 5g fully connected factory jointly built with high-end manufacturing partners, Dingqiao 5gcpe provides large uplink bandwidth and high reliability to help the factory identify 5g application scenarios and requirements; It is highly affirmed, which further verifies the feasibility of 5g power assisted full connection factory application and the whole intelligent manufacturing.

5g fully connected factory has become a new business form of aircraft and other manufacturing industries

The Ministry of industry and information technology has issued the industrial Internet innovation and development action plan (2021-2023). By 2023, the industrial Internet network infrastructure covering all regions and industries will be preliminarily completed, and 30 5g fully connected factories will be built in 10 key industries; The construction of new infrastructure of industrial Internet has improved both in quantity and quality, and the new model and new business format have been promoted on a large scale. The comprehensive strength of the industry will be significantly improved.

The high-end manufacturing industry has high technical content, complex process, great difficulty in implementation, and high requirements for digitization. It is urgent to change the traditional quality inspection method and use machine vision to realize 5g industrial application scenarios such as real-time online, 5g intelligent application, intelligent monitoring, real-time collaborative design and manufacturing application, so as to form the demand of 5g industrial innovation first mover advantage.

Super uplink + carrier aggregation 2cc large uplink

Break through the key bottleneck of 5g demand in manufacturing industry

5g will bring infinite creativity to industry, and many impossibilities have become possible. In particular, the 5g upward trend is the common demand of the industry’s digital transformation.

Facing the extreme demand for network connection bandwidth in high-end manufacturing scenarios, Dingqiao 5gcpe has become a key product form to introduce 5g into the factory and the whole manufacturing industry. Dingqiao 5gcpe has highly reliable industrial protection, IP65 protection registration, professional high-sensitivity antenna design, antenna spatial diversity technology, directional and omnidirectional antenna support, and strong routing networking capability. It is the first 5gcpe to support 700m.

More importantly:

Dingqiao 5gcpeins2.0 has super uplink capability and supports N78 + n84 super uplink, making the maximum uplink rate up to 425mbps. The uplink waiting delay is reduced by 30% through cross carrier scheduling.

Through the aggregation carrier function, more effective use of continuous or discontinuous spectrum resources, maximize the spectrum resource utilization on each carrier, support N78 + N78 uplink and downlink 2cc (component carrier) aggregation, and the maximum uplink rate can reach 750mbps, fully meeting the requirements of various large uplink services.

Dingqiao 5g CPE helps the factory realize 5g high-end manufacturing scenario application

In cooperation with high-end manufacturing industry, Dingqiao 5gcpe can provide super bandwidth by virtue of advanced technologies such as carrier aggregation and super uplink, which helps the factory realize the scenario with extremely strict requirements for bandwidth, especially uplink bandwidth in high-end manufacturing scenarios.

The downlink speed of 20-30mbps is required for AR auxiliary cable laying, AR design and manufacturing collaborative verification assembly and AR auxiliary cable connector assembly; In terms of uplink bandwidth, 8K ultra-high resolution surface quality detection system requires an uplink rate of 80mbps, composite seam online detection requires an uplink rate of 350mbps, and paint detection requires an uplink rate of 660mbps.

Dingqiao 5gcpe continuous innovation

Create unlimited possibilities for 5g vertical industry

Facing the new development concept, a new round of scientific and technological revolution and the general trend of industrial change, Dingqiao actively participates in scientific and technological innovation, is committed to the development and security of industrial Internet, and improves the support and service capacity of new infrastructure; Expand the application of integrated innovation, expand the innovation ecology of technology industry, help the phased leap forward of the overall development of industrial Internet, and promote the digital transformation and high-quality development of economy and society.

Dingqiao 5gcpe has been successfully applied in steel mills, mines, ports and other fields. Once climbed Mount Everest to help CCTV live broadcast, with zero packet loss, high-speed and stable transmission throughout the whole process, effectively ensuring the on-site 4K HD live broadcast activities; Promote the digital upgrading of the whole business and whole process of iron and steel enterprises; Help the construction of smart mines and make unmanned mining areas possible; It is applied to remote crane control, UAV driving transport vehicles and other ports with low delay and large bandwidth requirements, so as to greatly improve the operation efficiency of goods in the port.

This time, Dingqiao 5gcpe successfully provided 5g fully connected factories with large uplink bandwidth and high reliability applications, which not only helped the high-end manufacturing industry improve its strength with 5g, but also proved that Dingqiao 5gcpe can well support 5g applications requiring large uplink bandwidth such as machine vision. The application of Dingqiao 5gcpe has made a successful demonstration for more vertical industries to build 5g fully connected factories, which will create infinite possibilities for 5g vertical industries.

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