The asking price of “digital mooncake” is as high as tens of thousands of yuan

“Metaverse” is popular. Many people may find it unbelievable. You may not imagine how popular digital collections are. The asking price of “digital mooncakes” is as high as tens of thousands of yuan? Yes, it’s more expensive than the real thing, so I can only see it in the metaverse.

A picture of the “Blockchain Air Mooncake” gift box has been widely circulated in social circles. “Blockchain Air Mooncake” is known as the product features of “zero sugar, zero calories and zero fat” + “no satiety”. How can moon cakes satisfy our imagination of moon cakes?

After the blockchain mooncake became popular, it began to be hyped up on many “Metaverse” commodity exchange platforms and in over-the-counter trading groups. The asking price of a digital mooncake was as high as 10,000 yuan or even tens of thousands of yuan. Are digital trend players really so fierce; still be careful to be cut into leeks.

Digital collections refer to the use of blockchain technology to generate unique digital certificates corresponding to specific works and artworks, and on the basis of protecting their digital copyrights, to achieve authentic and credible digital distribution, purchase, collection and use. In recent years, digital collections have gradually entered the field of view of more people, but many new things have great uncertainty, so be careful to be photographed dead on the beach.

Of course, we also see that some manufacturers are testing the waters of digital mooncakes;

From September 1st to September 10th, Guangzhou Restaurant Group × Retail jointly issued 10,000 copies of “China’s first Cantonese-style digital mooncake”;

Masterly combines limited digital collections in the Mid-Autumn Festival gift box;

China Post Cultural and Creative Co., Ltd. and Haagen-Dazs cooperated, and you can shoot joint mooncakes online to obtain digital collections;

Hepu Mooncake Town and Nanguo Morning Post jointly released a “digital collection” with the theme of Hepu Big Mooncake;

We can see that some museums have successively issued digital collections, and major Internet giants such as Ant, Tencent, and Baidu have all launched related businesses. Also in January 2022, 10,000 digital collections of the Year of the Tiger will be online on CCTV. These digital collections are a new form of digital publications, which has positive significance in itself. We can embrace digital collections, but we cannot let our guard down.

Comprehensive from Red Star News Beijing Youth Daily Hubei Daily


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