Digi key electronics, the world’s richest supplier and fastest delivery distributor of electronic components in stock, recently announced the release of a new video series focusing on Smart City, which is assisted by TE and microchip. With the theme of “smarter and safer city”, this series of videos is divided into three parts, focusing on some of the most advanced cities in the world, showing how to combine the latest technology and innovation in the field of public security to reshape people’s work, commuting and life in modern smart city.

Digi key cooperates with TE and microchip to release the Smart City Trilogy series video “smarter and safer city”.

Robbie Paul, director of IOT business solutions at digi key electronics, said: “we are very pleased to have the opportunity to explore and share smart city technologies with you to understand how they can change and enhance everything from public safety to sustainability, energy management and electric / autonomous driving vehicles to safe and efficient workplaces. Smart city is the future trend. Many digi key customers and suppliers are launching various innovative technologies, which play a key role in the realization of smart city. “

The first video in the trilogy series, “public safety through awareness enhancement,” is now available on digi key with subtitles in all local languages. The second part of the series, collecting and storing sustainable energy, and the third, office workers in the next normal, will be released in May and June, respectively.

Rich simoncic, senior vice president of microchip’s analog power and interface business division, pointed out: “with the continuous and rapid development of the Internet of things and 5g, microchip is very happy to use these innovative technologies to contribute to the realization of a safer and smarter city. Together with digi key, we have vigorously promoted its customer innovation, ranging from providing components for building a smart grid and charging applications for autonomous driving vehicles to automation technologies for improving the safety and efficiency of office workers. “

Rickard barrefelt, senior manager of te field application engineering, pointed out: “as a loyal distribution partner with more than 35 years of cooperation history, digi key provides customers with the latest and cutting-edge key components, including te connectivity’s antenna, RF, harsh environment cable, high-speed and low-speed connectors, power products and sensor solutions, Help customers develop new technologies and promote the development of smart city. We are very honored to be involved in the production of this video series, and hope to inform and motivate innovators to continue to develop solutions to make our world more secure, sustainable, efficient and interconnected. “

To learn more about smart city and how digi key supports this growth area, please watch this series of videos and learn more about how te and microchip products make smart agriculture a reality.

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