Digi key electronics, the world’s richest and fastest distributor of spot electronic components, recently announced a strong global distribution partnership with arkx laboratories to sell its advanced far-field voice acquisition AFE module and voice enabled IOT product development kit.

This advanced far-field voice acquisition AFE module and development kit is superior to other existing far-field solutions. It can collect voice commands from three times (3x) in standard distance, corner, noisy and reflective environment without reducing the playback volume, so that consumers can experience better voice control effect. In addition, everyword ™ The application of the technology brings the unique ability to recognize and suppress the voice from TV or other single point noise sources.


Complete use of NXP i.MX 8 host processor technology and cirrus logic soundclear flexarray ™ It can be put into production at any time.

David Stein, vice president of global supplier management at digi key, said: “with arkx’s advanced far-field products, engineers and developers are able to deliver a powerful voice experience to their products. Digi key is proud to provide these cutting-edge solutions to our growing global customer base. “

The voice acquisition module can be used as a human-computer interface in many IOT applications. Everyword’s advanced technology has also brought outstanding performance to Fortune 1000 enterprises, OEM manufacturers and start-ups. They hope to bring their voice intelligent products and devices to the market, reduce risks, reduce development costs and speed up time to market.

Michael Lang, executive vice president of arkx laboratories, pointed out: “throughout 2021 and beyond, with the continuous expansion of our product range, digi key will be an ideal partner for our overall distribution strategy and help us grow. They provide OEM engineers and developers with a reliable channel to obtain our advanced voice acquisition solutions and first-class customer service. “

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