We must first know that EDA software is a kind of tool software for the development of electronic equipment. The basic functions of EDA software are not complicated. It is nothing more than the conversion from schematic diagram to physical pcb. Requirements, it is necessary to add other functions related to the designed product characteristics to the basic functions of the EDA software.

There are two basic skills of EDA:

1. The realization of the schematic diagram. The schematic diagram function is the function that the designer realizes his own ideas. The schematic diagram function is to connect various functional devices through various component symbols to meet the requirements of the PCB function input. Various components of the schematic diagram are formed. The symbol is only to realize the electrical connection relationship of each component, so the schematic symbol needs a component library with component functions, which is the schematic library. The device not only has the connection relationship, but also the attributes between each connection relationship, and this attribute may be a hardware attribute or a software attribute, so it needs to be reflected in the schematic diagram. For example, the data interface of USB is a connection with hardware. Attributes, as well as the functional attributes of software, the USB data interface must not only meet the basic normal connection but also meet the differential requirements of digital circuits, otherwise there will be speed reduction or delay, which requires that this is USB data on the schematic diagram. Interface and callout differential properties.

2. Realization of PCB circuit board. PCB circuit board is a substrate used to carry physical components and connecting components. It is composed of various materials. The commonly used circuit board is FR-4 glass fiber material. The realization of PCB circuit board requires PCB tool, it realizes the connection relationship generated by the schematic diagram in the form of physical graphics. The space realized by the PCB tool is the physical space, that is, how big the geometric size of the device generated by the PCB tool is, so how big is the real object. PCB software The basic function is the drawing process, which is no different from any drawing tool, or even simpler than other drawing tools. The graphics that make up the PCB components are called the PCB component library. The components of the PCB component library include the geometric dimensions of the components and the welding geometry. Dimensions and graphics. These graphics are directly related to the subsequent processes such as welding, assembly, and testing of physical graphics. After the design of the PCB circuit board is completed, this file needs to be output to the PCB circuit board manufacturer for production, and the PCB is completed. All designers of circuit boards.

The basic functions of PCB tools can basically meet the design requirements of most electronic equipment, but for complex equipment design, it is necessary to add PCB circuit board designers to design as many simulation designs as possible under the design of the equipment requirements. It also involves knowledge of advanced mathematics, physics, geometry, chemistry, new materials, electromagnetic compatibility, etc. For example, the high-frequency circuits of mobile phones need to work at frequencies up to GHz. FR-4 glass fiber material is not the first choice material, but ceramic material is the first choice. Therefore, some antennas use special ceramic antennas, while in the design of ceramic substrates In the case of antennas, functions such as simulation are required to verify the accuracy of the design during PCB design. For example, multi-layer circuit boards have signal integrity (SI), power integrity (PI) requirements, etc., which must be implemented in the PCB tool software. The corresponding functions are added in it.

3. Therefore, EDA is not complicated, but to realize complex electronic equipment, it is necessary to enrich the functions of EDA, which requires a large number of mathematical talents, electromagnetic talents, physics talents, chemistry talents, geometry talents, etc. A lot of foundation Sexual investment can only be realized, and only if there is a suitable system to bring these talents together can the healthy development of EDA be realized.

The above is the difficulty of EDA software design shared today, have you learned it?

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