When brush electric tools are working; The coil and commutator rotate together, and the carbon brush and magnetic steel do not rotate. However, the coil current changes alternately, which is the responsibility of the carbon brush and the converter. When brushless electric tools are working; The switching characteristics of electronic components replace carbon brushes, and the commutation has no mechanical contact.

Difference between brush power tools and brushless power tools

service life; The service life of brushless electric tools is certainly long, because there is no carbon brush wear.

Speed; Brushless power tools are higher than brush power tools. Moreover, it adopts digital frequency conversion control, which has good controllability. The running speed of brush electric tools is lower than that of brushless electric tools. After starting, the speed is constant and speed regulation is not easy.

maintain; In addition to the frequent replacement of carbon brushes, the peripheral accessories of the brush electric tools and the motor also need to be replaced, and the maintenance cost is high. Brushless electric tools are basically maintenance free. Once they are broken, the motor will be replaced.

The purchase cost is relatively low, requiring high speed, additional series excitation motor, and high speed. For example, we don’t need high speed or high speed control accuracy to hit concrete walls and screw down screws. It’s enough to use brush electric tools. Because continuous work can also work for more than 20 days, conventional use also has a service life of 2 to 3.

Brushless motor is valued in motor and controller, which is generally used in high-end equipment. For example, precision instruments, aircraft models, electric vehicles, etc. they have high requirements for speed and speed control. The cost is indeed higher, but it can meet the use demand.

For example, many people buy electric tools that are not often used. Buying a brush electric tool is enough. The only disadvantage is that the cost of maintenance is a little high. Because relying on the carbon brush to transfer energy and long-term friction with the carbon brush, not only the carbon brush will be worn, but also the rotor will be worn, so there are many things to replace in maintenance.

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