Optical touch technology is a new technology which is different from the existing touch technology such as infrared, surface acoustic wave, resistance, capacitance, etc. the optical sensor responds quickly to the detailed action, making your application more light, smooth and accurate! Creative application of multi touch technology is the icing on the cake for optical touch technology! It is simple, accurate and rapid. CCD optical touch technology breaks the bottleneck of the original touch technology, from the accuracy, reaction speed and life.

The principle of CCD optical touch screen has been greatly improved. The two CCD cameras installed at the left and right corners of the top can accurately detect the position of your fingers, so that you can not only click and drag, but also freely rotate and enlarge the picture, which depends on the number and unit area of your fingers. You can also enjoy the pleasure of controlling the movement of 3D objects and zero distance contact with virtual animals on the screen by gently touching the screen.

Difference analysis of infrared and optical touch screen

The main technical features of CCD optical touch screen are: supporting multi touch and two person writing; Suitable for LCD, plasma, led and other displays, projectors (front projection, rear projection), etc., size from 15 inch to 250 inch can support; With multi screen interactive function, a computer can connect up to 4 touch screens; No driver, the touch screen can be used directly after connecting with PC host without installing driver, and it can still be used normally after changing different computers.

Another key advantage of optical touch is that there is usually no direct contact with fingers, pens or other recognized hardware. This reduces the possibility of touch screen failure due to contact failure, aging and fatigue. This is also related to the requirement of low pressure touch. In an optical touch system, as long as it is in contact with the light beam, there is no need to detect the force or trigger the system.

Difference analysis of infrared and optical touch screen

Infrared touch screen: high stability, no drift due to the change of time and environment, high adaptability, no interference from current, voltage and static electricity, suitable for some harsh environmental conditions (explosion-proof, dust-proof), high transparency, no intermediate medium, up to 100%, long service life, high durability, no fear of scratch, long touch life.

It has good use characteristics, no touch force and no special requirements for touch body. It supports analog 2 points under XP, true 2 points under win7, USB and serial output. The resolution is 4096 (W) * 4096 (d). The operating system has good compatibility with WIN2000 / XP / 98me / NT / Vista / x86 / Linux / win7, and the touch diameter is greater than or equal to 5mm. It will be subject to strong infrared interference, such as remote control, high-temperature objects, high-temperature objects, etc The infrared source such as sunlight or incandescent lamp irradiates the infrared receiving tube. Will be subject to strong electromagnetic interference, such as transformers.

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