Dialog efficient and cost-effective PMIC provides a “perfect match” power solution

Beijing, China, May 12, 2021 – dialog semiconductor (DLG), a leading provider of battery and power management, Wi Fi, low power Bluetooth (ble) and industrial edge computing solutions, today announced a new partnership with sifive, Inc., an industry-leading provider of risc-v processors and silicon solutions. Dialog will be the preferred power management solution partner for the sifive hifive unmatched platform, a PC level risc-v Linux development platform based on the sifive freedom u740 risc-v SOC.

The new generation hifive unmatched platform adopts dialog’s highly integrated system power management chip (PMIC) da9063, which integrates 6-channel DC-DC step-down regulator and 11 channel LDO low dropout linear regulator. The da9063 helps the sifive platform achieve optimal performance by optimally meeting all power requirements of the system. Meanwhile, the da9063 supports dynamic voltage regulation (DVS), which can significantly reduce the power loss of the platform and improve the thermal performance of the platform.

Tom Sandoval, senior vice president of automotive business department of dialog semiconductor, said: “our cooperation with sifive has brought a low-cost and low-energy R & D platform to sifive’s customers and ecosystem partners. Sifive unmatched platform is a good application example for our da9063 product to achieve low power consumption and high performance. “

Chris Jones, vice president of products of sifive, Inc., said: “in order to meet the needs of different software development and IP evaluation, risc-v users have different requirements, from an entry-level development platform to a high-end development platform based on multi-core SOC with advanced power management characteristics. We are fortunate to be supported by dialog’s adjustable power solution. Dialog’s highly integrated PMIC solution enables sifive to reduce the number of power management ICs required and use the same PMIC on all sifive development platforms, which significantly reduces our engineering design workload and achieves better performance, lower cost and smaller PCB size. “

The highly flexible and adjustable da9063 system PMIC integrates a configurable engine, which can help system design engineers easily solve the challenges of power timing, heat dissipation, system control and so on. Dialog also provides an intuitive graphical user interface GUI (smart canvas), which can simplify the design process and achieve a “perfect match” power management solution. So as to obtain the power management scheme with high optimization, optimal cost, the most competitive and differentiated system design.

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