Dialog’s latest configurable mixed signal IC (CMIC) provides configurable logic and contains four high drive outputs, which is very suitable for 12V motor applications.

Beijing, China, June 10, 2020 – highly integrated battery management, AC / DC power conversion, Wi Fi, low power Bluetooth (ble) and industrial IC supplier dialog semiconductor (DLG) today announced the launch of its first motor driven configurable hybrid signal IC (CMIC) slg47105, The device provides the unique advantages of both configurable logic and configurable simulation, with high voltage output and small 2 x 3 mm QFN package.

Dialog launches the first high voltage greenpak for motor drive applications ™  IC

Slg47105 is the latest member of the widely adopted dialog greenpak product family. The device provides design engineers with a more cost-effective primary nonvolatile memory (NVM) programmable option, which helps them to integrate digital and analog system functions at the same time when designing consumer and industrial motor applications, and greatly reduce the number of external components, circuit board size and power consumption.

This latest device can drive two brushless DC motors, a single stepper motor, solenoid valve or any other load requiring a maximum of 1.5A RMS current per output and an operating voltage of up to 13.2v. In addition to standard protection features such as over temperature, under voltage and over-current protection, slg47105 also includes configurable digital and analog resources to help customers create customized protection and motor control mechanisms, such as current or voltage regulation, stall detection or motor soft start, so as to achieve higher system reliability and battery efficiency.

Dialog launches the first high voltage greenpak for motor drive applications ™  IC

The low-power functions provided by slg47105 include internal reference voltage, power on reset, oscillator and more advanced digital resources, such as pulse width modulator. The current consumption of the whole chip standby mode is as low as 70na, ensuring longer battery life. Compared with the discrete solutions used in today’s industry, this device can help reduce the price of the overall solution, reduce the bill of materials (BOM), reduce the PCB size, and achieve lower overall system current consumption.

John McDonald, vice president of marketing, configurable mixed signal Business Department of dialog semiconductor, said: “Adding high-voltage function to greenpak’s product series opens a huge opportunity in the field of motors. We have shipped nearly 5 billion CMIC chips. This new product will further accelerate greenpak’s wider application in brush and stepping motors, from industrial applications to consumer and smart home applications.”

In addition to slg47105, dialog also launched the latest greenpak designer software suite. Previous versions used greenpak designer software to configure, optimize, simulate, test and evaluate greenpak designs. Now greenpak designer software includes more simulation functions, including external components: from passive components such as shunt resistors to more complex devices such as motors, making the development of all greenpak product series faster and simpler.

Slg47105 has provided samples and will be mass produced in the second half of 2020. The evaluation board for slg47105, including brush and stepper motor, can now be ordered through dialog’s greenpak online store.

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