Sensor is the sense organ of all kinds of mechanical and electronic equipment, which is equivalent to the sense organ of human body. The way is external information sensor computer actuator. Due to the continuous innovation and development of modern science and technology, some sensors have better performance than human organs; Temperature sensor, accuracy can reach 0.1% ~ 0.01%, sensor technology is mainly (Information Collection), known as the computer’s facial features. Communication technology (information transmission), computer technology (information processing). If there is no sensor for accurate and reliable capture and conversion of the original information, all measurement and control is impossible.

The development level of sensor and sensor technology is an important symbol to measure a country’s comprehensive strength. Japan regards sensor technology as one of the six core technologies of computer, communication, laser, semiconductor, superconductor and sensor. In China’s national key science and technology projects, sensors and sensor technology are also listed as an important position. Sensor technology has penetrated into ocean exploration, national defense, military, medical diagnosis, bioengineering, and other fields; Sensor technology plays an increasingly important role in the future economic development and social progress.

China’s research and production of sensors and sensor technology listed companies.

A total of more than 20 listed companies, because various high-tech technologies have been blocked by the West and developed countries, domestic development started late. Although the development time is much later than that of foreign countries, they have caught up with the level of developed countries in many aspects of technology.

China’s sensor technology has also been applied to science and technology, national defense, meteorology, medical, agriculture, robotics, household appliances and other fields. There are many technologies that are already leading the world.

China’s sensors and sensor technology are mainly distributed in East China, central and South China. Among them, a large number of outstanding companies, such as Senba sensor, are listed on the stock market and bring relatively good returns to investors.

The outstanding representatives of listed companies include goer acoustics (mainly engaged in electroacoustics), Dahua shares (monitoring), aerospace electronics (measurement and control, confrontation, guidance), Huatian Technology (MEMS sensors), aerospace Electromechanical, Huagong technology, etc.

With the arrival of China’s five G technology, sensors may be everywhere around us. IOT sensor; Wireless pressure sensor applied in 5g technology. It also represents the world’s most advanced technology in this field. Unmanned driving will be put into use because of the combination of sensor and 5g technology. In short, sensor technology and artificial intelligence will be everywhere in the future world. Thank you for your attention.

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