In recent years, with the rapid development of the Internet industry, the term embedded has been mentioned by more and more people, but what is embedded? This can be answered in one sentence: all electronic devices are embedded. Nowadays, embedded technology is adopted in people’s daily life, from mobile phones and watches worn every day to high-definition TVs, smart refrigerators and set-top boxes in the family, and then to robots in automotive electronics and entertainment. Embedded technology has been reflected in all aspects of our life.

According to relevant data, at present, there is a huge talent gap in China’s embedded industry, with a population gap of at least 300000-500000. On recruitment websites such as 51job and boss direct employment, it is not difficult to see that embedded software development is one of the most popular and popular occupations in the next few years, and the annual salary of a mature Senior Embedded engineer can reach about 300000, With the increasing demand of artificial intelligence and electronic embedded development business, the job demand of embedded specialty will continue to increase in the future.

Development prospect and future trend of Embedded Technology

Embedded development can be roughly divided into two development directions. First, hardware direction: have a better understanding of hardware and have certain hardware skills. It is mainly engaged in hardware design. Sometimes, it is necessary to develop some bottom software that is most closely related to hardware, such as bootloader and board support package (like the PC BIOS, it drives the hardware down and supports the operating system, the most basic hardware drivers, etc.

Second: Software Development: software developers account for the main aspects of social needs, mainly engaged in the development of embedded operating systems and application software. After completing embedded learning, you can be employed in computer application design and development posts in consumer electronics, security, automotive electronics, medical electronics, telecommunications and other industries, serve as design and development engineers of embedded products and application systems, and engage in application project design and development, product maintenance and technical services of embedded technology.

Embedded engineers have made great achievements in the era of artificial intelligence. Take the example of the refrigerator buying eggs by itself. The whole process is like this. First, the refrigerator senses the lack of eggs, then sends orders to the supermarket, and then sends the order information to the owner. Finally, the owner pays the order, and the supermarket can deliver the goods after completion, This series of processes are completed on the basis of embedded system. At present, embedded development tends to be intelligent.

Products such as UAV, smart audio, smart home, driverless car and sweeping robot are all developing in the direction of intelligence. The development trend of embedded products is more inclined to automatic control and human-computer interaction. At present, the development trend of embedded products has been unstoppable.

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