Guiyang, Guizhou Province – August 7, 2020 – IOT and smart grid communication chip design company Guizhou Nantong core IOT Technology Co., Ltd. participated in “5g new era, IOT big business opportunities: low power IOT innovation technology and Application Forum” on July 23 and delivered a keynote speech with “for wide area and large scale IOT: wi sun mesh network”, The first wi sun intelligent gateway and its application in Taiwan, as well as the wi sun positioning system device: Ping An Fu D + card and pro security guard, will be displayed at the venue.

Detonate low-power IOT business opportunities and jointly create wi sun IOT ecosystem

Futcom has joined hands with Sinotech to display wi sun network application solutions

ZTC is committed to R & D and deepening of wi sun technology energy. Zhong jiehui, vice president of marketing business, said that the first generation of wi sun wireless communication chip vc7300 has obtained wi sun fan 1.0 certification and has been successfully integrated into modules and terminal products for interconnection. Vc7300 uses FSK modulation technology, and its transmission rate reaches 400 Kbps. Vc7351 is a new generation of micro power wireless communication chip newly developed by Tomson. It uses OFDM modulation technology and conforms to ieee802.15.4x specification. Its transmission rate can reach 2.4 Mbps and the highest private communication rate can reach 3.6 Mbps. It is the fastest micro power wireless sub GHz OFDM SOC at present and has a leading position in many wireless ism bands.

Detonate low-power IOT business opportunities and jointly create wi sun IOT ecosystem

Introduction of wi Sun Alliance and technical advantages in Europe

Together with two partner manufacturers, Zhucheng international and xianuo science and Technology Co., Ltd., Nantong core exhibited wi sun network application solutions. In this exhibition, the wi sun intelligent cassette qgw810 is developed based on vc7300 chip. Combined with the temperature sensing transmission system, it can be applied to factory machines to monitor the temperature of equipment in real time. Bai Jinrong, general manager of Zhucheng international, said: I’m very glad to work hand in hand with Futong, the leading manufacturer of wi sun chips, to create the wi sun Internet of things ecosystem. The intelligent cassettes developed internationally can give full play to the characteristics of wi sun technology, including long distance, high penetration, wide coverage, automatic networking and automatic repair, large-scale networking above 1000 points, etc.

Detonate low-power IOT business opportunities and jointly create wi sun IOT ecosystem

Yang Deyun, director of FAE, explains wi sun mesh networking

Wi sun intelligent gateway can receive the measurement data from wireless sensor, transfer it to TCP / IP Ethernet or Wi Fi to communicate with the network server, process and record various data, forward the cloud server instructions to the sensor, or control its own digital output. Intelligent gateway is a programmable small computer. Users can develop C program or node.js program to provide multiple services; The smart channel device can also connect to the server and send out a set of passwords actively for information security control.

Detonate low-power IOT business opportunities and jointly create wi sun IOT ecosystem

Wi sun intelligent gateway for International Exhibition

In this exhibition, xianuo technology adopts Pinganfu D + card and Qinan guard card adopted by Pingdong county government and Taidong county government respectively. The card has built-in wi sun chip and positioning system that can transmit over a long distance. It can show the wearer’s position in real time, and the guard can set the guard range of the electronic fence and query the trend of the wearer’s designated area. With the intelligent device and positioning technology, the family can know the user’s location with the line app, and the silver haired elders can move freely in the community, so as to create a friendly and safe community for the elderly and their relatives. Li Mingtang, President of xianuo technology, said that wi-sun technology covers long-distance communication, and has the characteristics of interconnection, easy deployment, mesh network, etc., successfully overcoming the problem that it is not easy to build the Internet of things in rural areas. At the same time, screen Anfu D + card and pro security guard have the advantage of low power consumption, and can be used for 12 months without charging.

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