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RFID friendliness analysis

First, let’s consider a question: what economic benefits can the introduction of RFID projects bring?

Take the supply chain for example: RFID can make sorting and inventory efficiency “higher”; The timeliness of collected data is “stronger”; The anti-counterfeiting and anti channeling are more “accurate”, which will further promote customers’ improvement of warehouse management, cost reduction and improvement of product core competitiveness.

The adaptability of RFID system and identification object mainly needs to pay attention to the following aspects:

★ do commodities often have a high shortage rate? Is the delivery time efficient?

★ is the profit margin high?

★ are the goods frequently stolen and with high loss rate?

★ is the product easy to label?

★ is the product easy to read and has a high rate of missing reading after labeling?

Users can decide to start the RFID project or postpone the import after economic auxiliary comparison based on the above actual situation, and discuss more appropriate solutions and implementation strategies with integrators.


Select system developer

Different industries adopt different ways to implement RFID projects: some choose to outsource all, some choose to develop their own application systems, and some combine business and product development related middleware.

The development ability of RFID software system depends on the strength of the company and the ability of personnel and business knowledge. RFID system developers can usually provide RFID software and hardware selection, installation, testing and training, but their advantages are different – some have strong technical strength in data integration and hardware testing, some have rich experience in special industries, and some may only involve simple RFID application software integration.

The professional RFID system development ability of the system integrator is reflected in the RFID technology level, RFID project experience and personalized development ability. The details are as follows:

★ with the system integration qualification certificate, users can select the appropriate system integrator according to the application level and complexity of their own RFID system.

★ provide relevant landing cases or invite users to visit and learn from users in the same industry who have implemented RFID projects.

★ if users have doubts about the decision to import RFID system based on their own business process, the system developer can put forward appropriate solutions and sort out the business development process based on the business structure, current situation and development of their industry.


Application integration system mode of RFID

In practical application, users may add a system with RFID function to the original application software system, or they may redevelop an independent RFID application system. Both of them are designed to use RFID technology to help customers achieve data collection, improve timeliness, reduce enterprise operating costs, and then achieve intelligent information collection and analysis.

The mainstream application integration modes of RFID are as follows:

Detailed RFID project implementation process

▲ collated by IOT Library


Specific implementation process of RFID project

The implementation of any project requires a professional team to manage and monitor, and can provide comprehensive system solutions for the industry according to the needs pain points described by users: including demand investigation, feasibility analysis, optimization of system mode, equipment selection, procurement suggestions, system design, implementation, consulting, training, system maintenance, upgrading, and implementation effect evaluation to make reasonable implementation arrangements.

In general, the project implementation phase is as follows:

Detailed RFID project implementation process

▲ collated by IOT Library

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