4K ultra-high-definition giant screen, showing the atmosphere

350nit high brightness, showing the flow of light and shadow

Full-color laser light source, restore the beauty of true colors

MediaTek flagship projection chip, flagship configuration

Introducing XGIMI 4K Laser TV A3

One screen, enjoy the natural color

full color laser

True colors, restore nature

Using a full-color laser light source, through the red, green and blue full-color laser technology, the rich colors of nature can be truly reproduced, giving the XGIMI A3 a color performance that surpasses that of OLED TVs. With an ultra-wide color gamut of up to 132.3% DCI-P3, it restores the true colors of creation. The ultra-high contrast ratio of 3000 : 1 makes the picture appear bright and deep. 1.07 billion color display, the visual experience is amazing.

The combination of XGIMI’s image quality engine X-VUE 2.0 and an independent color chip makes the color tone more accurate, and can automatically identify the film information, match the appropriate color space, and restore the beauty of its true colors.

4K Ultra HD

The beauty of light and shadow, presented in 100 inches

The XGIMI A3 has a 4K 120Hz ultra-high-definition resolution and a projection area of ​​up to 100 inches. It can also be equipped with a full-color laser special screen, which can achieve a gain of 1.4 times, presenting a 350nit high-brightness 100-inch giant screen, and you can enjoy a shocking cinema-level immersive experience in the sunlight environment.

It is manifested in greatness, and it pays more attention to the subtleties. XGIMI A3 is equipped with rich interfaces to fully expand functions. Approaching the smart screen function, when a person is detected near the light outlet, the brightness is automatically reduced. Rheinland low blue light certification, which can effectively protect the eyes through hardware-level low blue light.

hardcore performance

Flagship configuration, the future has arrived

Equipped with MediaTek MT9669 flagship projection chip, using quad-core A73 architecture, integrated independent AI processor APU with computing power up to 1.0TOPS, supporting 4K resolution video decoding and 4K 120Hz refresh rate output, with the new generation of Wi-Fi 6 high-speed network, no matter Whether it is playing high-definition video sources or playing games, XGIMI A3 can handle it with ease.

With the built-in MEMC motion compensation function of MT9669, XGIMI A3 can effectively reduce screen freezes and jitters, so that wonderful actions can be restored smoothly in moments, showing the dynamic beauty of intense scenes. It can also be combined with an input lag as low as 7ms in game mode, allowing you to experience the game to the fullest without fear of screen freezes.

There are also 60W speakers and a 2200cc large sound chamber, bringing the ultimate shocking sound experience, allowing you to sit in the living room and enjoy a concert hall-level shocking audio experience.

The 4K 100-inch giant screen brings shocking pictures. Full-color laser light source, restore the natural color. MediaTek MT9669 flagship projection chip, powerful hard-core performance. There are also shocking audio-visual experience, low-latency game mode, all in XGIMI 4K Laser TV A3, the beauty of light, shadow and natural color, you can see it all.

Original title: XGIMI A3 one screen, enjoy the natural color

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