U-blox ant-b10 Bluetooth indoor positioning solution

“U-blox ant-b10 helps bring efficient, reliable and high-precision indoor positioning solutions to the mass market.”
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U-blox pointperfect centimeter high-precision GNSS enhanced service to unlock a new generation of autonomous navigation applications

The forecast shows that the market of autonomous navigation equipment will usher in broader development prospects. Among them, the research of the British government predicts that by 2035, the global L3 –
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Explain the working principle of delay circuit in detail

As we all know, when it comes to delay, many people will think of using software, such as timers and so on. Today, let’s talk about the way to realize timing with hardware
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This paper introduces the working principle of six kinds of delay circuits

The circuit consists of CD4060 to form the time base circuit of the timer. The timing time base pulse generated by the circuit outputs the time base signal after frequency division through the internal frequency divider
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What is the difference between high precision GNSS and standard precision GNSS

Electronic enthusiast network reported (Wen / Li Ningyuan) GNSS is already a familiar kind of positioning system. The measurement and observation time of GNSS system is short
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What kind of accuracy tolerance level can turning, milling, planing, grinding, drilling and boring achieve?

Tolerance grade refers to the grade to determine the accuracy of dimension. The national standard stipulates that it is divided into 20 grades, from IT01, it0, it1, it2 to it
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Characteristics and technical parameters of piezoelectric macro micro composite motion platform

With the progress and development of piezoelectric application technology, researchers are no longer satisfied with the needs of small displacement and high-precision scenes, with larger bits with high-precision
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Application case of ultra-high precision magnetostrictive liquid level instrument

The conversion relationship between oil volume and oil tank liquid level is determined through geometric calculation. Considering the uneven parking position of tank car, the liquid level is affected by the inclination angle
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Function and application scenario of indoor positioning technology

Domestic indoor positioning started around 2010, and the use scenarios are mainly divided into two categories: services for customers and services for enterprise customers. Customer service
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Research on high precision calibration method of measurement sensor

The traditional measurement accuracy calibration method is to calibrate the scale factor of the sensor under a single frequency. The calibration method usually selects the coaxial shunt in series with the discharge
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Research on high precision calibration method of measurement sensor,

Working principle of six kinds of delay circuits

As we all know, when it comes to delay, many people will think of using software, such as timers and so on. Today, let’s talk about the way to realize timing with hardware
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Working principle of six kinds of delay circuits,

China Haida joins hands with China Mobile to promote the development of 5g + Beidou industry

Huang Gang, deputy general manager of China Mobile (Shanghai) Industry Research Institute, Zhao Kai, general manager of traffic law enforcement Bu of China Mobile Guangdong company, and Jiang
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Why do 4S stores need high-precision positioning system

The process of maintaining cars in the 4S store is complex, and it’s slow to find a car? The owner can’t know the progress of the car in time, and the experience is poor? With the continuous development of location Internet of things information, eh
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Positioning technology presents a contending trend in the Internet of things market

After entering the era of Internet of things, the important value of data is further highlighted, and location information is also the top priority. Integrate high-precision positioning system with Internet of things, etc
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Talking with Mao linear motor about Winter Olympics Medal

The 24th Winter Olympics (February 4, 2022) is about to open in Beijing
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The arrival of high-precision AOA positioning is the icing on the cake for Bluetooth positioning

The era of Internet of things has come. Each positioning skill has its own advantages. A single positioning skill can not directly draw the difference between the better and the worse, because
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New progress in high precision NTC thermistors

NTC (negative temperature coefficient) thermistor refers to a thermistor that is powered up with the increase of temperature
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Application of linear motor module in mass production of nanopore gene sequencer

On December 10, Chengdu qicarbon technology released its self-developed nanopore gene sequencer qnome-3841, as well as supporting chips and test
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Application of high precision maintenance free electronic belt scale in bulk cargo trade measurement

In the trade measurement of bulk cargo, electronic belt scale measurement, as one of the main means, has been widely used in many industries such as mines, ports and coal power enterprises
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Application of linear motor module laser engraving equipment in non-woven fabric decoration processing

Christmas and new year’s day are approaching, and the festive atmosphere of Shangchao is becoming stronger and stronger, on glass doors and glass guardrails
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Product features of cc1581 series Carlen incremental encoder

Cc1581 series Carlen incremental encoder features: · general industrial rotary encoder with a, B, Z, / A
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Product characteristics of ELS series DC electronic load system

ELS series DC electronic load system is the current standardized high-power DC electronic load cabinet, which is composed of 7U electronic load, and the current carrying capacity of a single cabinet can reach
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Features of Puyuan dp3000 series programmable DC power supply

Dp3000 series includes 750W, 1500W and 3000W programmable DC power supplies. They have a 5-digit display with high accuracy
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Future development trend of high precision AOA positioning technology for Bluetooth indoor positioning

At present, more and more shopping malls, parking lots, exhibition halls, hospitals and other places have carried out or are about to carry out talent intelligence construction, during which indoor navigation is guided by its way finding
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Kexing successfully isolated the Omicron mutant and sequenced the linear motor module gene

On December 11, at the life sciences sub forum of Dawan District Science Forum held in Guangzhou, Zhong Nanshan, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, said that at present, there are 11
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Features of DP5000 series programmable DC power supply

DP5000 series includes 3 programmable DC power supplies of 5kW, 10kW and 15kw. They have 5-bit high-precision digital display, wide range
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Three requirements that must be met in mold embryo processing and production

Genuine molds are generally composed of female molds, male molds and mold blanks, and some may also be multi piece modules. The mold embryo is mainly composed of upper mold base, lower mold base, guide post, guide sleeve
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Talk about using hardware to realize delay circuit

Follow + star official account, don’t miss the wonderful content arrangement | strongerhuang wechat official account | embedded column as we all know, when it comes to delay, many people will think of using software to realize
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What fields are spectral confocal displacement sensors suitable for

With the rapid development of industry, the demand for precision measurement technology is higher and higher. As the basis of geometric precision measurement, displacement measurement technology not only needs ultra-high
Published in12-06 14:29 one hundred and nineSecond reading


Features of micro ohmmeter with test current up to 200A

Micro Centurion II is a high-precision micro ohmmeter specially developed for measuring very low small resistance. This product has high test accuracy
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What is the current development of domestic AGV and how many suppliers are there?

(automated guided vehicle, abbreviated as AGV), also known as AGV trolley, refers to the vehicle equipped with electromagnetic
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On line monitoring device for erection state of intelligent tower holding pole

Transmission line towers are an important support for the new power infrastructure. The safety supervision of various tower assembly is related to the life safety of operators. Traditional tower erection construction, pipe
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Application of linear motor module laser engraving equipment in watch processing

In today’s society, watches seem to have become a symbol of one’s taste. Based on this, when buying watches, people should not only consider the practicability of watches, but also
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Increase the application of linear motor in two departments

On November 22, the Ministry of industry and information technology and the State Administration of Market Supervision issued the motor energy efficiency improvement plan (2021-2023),
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Application of linear motor module laser engraving equipment in wedding dress manufacturing

At the end of the year and the beginning of the year, it is the peak season for marriage. Many couples who are deeply in love will choose to marry at this time.
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On Machine Vision Inspection Technology

In the field of industrial manufacturing, many parts have the need to detect size and surface defects. With the improvement of customer requirements, many parts need to be tested in full batch, and
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On Machine Vision Inspection Technology,

The ground object spectrometer provides non-destructive and non-contact rapid and accurate measurement

The ground object spectrometer has ultra light design, no damage, no contact, fast and accurate measurement. Compared with the previous generation, the measurement speed of ground object spectrometer is faster, even in complex
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What are the functions of portable color Doppler ultrasound machine

What are the functions of portable color Doppler ultrasound machine? Portable color ultrasound machine is the miniaturization and convenience of traditional color ultrasound machine. At the same time, many new technologies are applied to achieve portability
Published in11-25 15:42 two hundred and eighteenSecond reading


High precision delay implementation of embedded – in depth analysis stm32

1 Introduction delay function is often used in STM32 programming, and the most commonly used are microsecond delay and millisecond delay. So this article aims at St
Published in11-24 20:21 one hundred and fifty-twoSecond reading

High precision delay implementation of embedded - in depth analysis stm32,

Application of linear motor module laser engraving equipment in wind shield processing

A new round of cold wave is coming. It is reported that the cold air will be from west to east from November 19 to 22
Published in11-24 16:30 six hundred and fiftySecond reading


What are the benefits of the construction unit installing the dust online monitoring system

Now, with the development of China’s economy, our awareness of environmental protection has gradually improved. The development of industry has had a great impact on our air environment, including Yang
Published in11-22 15:44 one hundred and twenty-fiveSecond reading


Which 3D printer has high precision and which 3D printer has high cost performance

In recent years, with the development of China’s 3D printing industry, 3D printer brands have sprung up in the market, which is useful for novices who do not understand 3D printers
Published in11-22 14:12 two thousand two hundred and thirty-fourSecond reading


The new tubular soil moisture monitor solves the collective “pain point” of tubular soil in the market

You must be curious about the collective “pain point” of using tubular soil on the market? You must want to know where is the new tubular soil to solve the “pain point”? You
Published in11-19 17:16 one hundred and fifteenSecond reading


Linear motor module laser marking helps enjoy fresh oranges

Every season has its own flavor, cherry in May, watermelon in June, grape in July, kiwi in August, grapefruit in September, and now orange.
Published in11-18 10:33 one hundred and twenty-sevenSecond reading


Technical parameters of ppm-t132a IOT sensor of high precision pressure transmitter

Changsha titanium Electronics: ppm-t132a high-precision pressure sensor can meet the application requirements of most occasions. Pressure transmitters can be used with various models
Published in11-15 14:45 two hundred and elevenSecond reading


Function of soil nutrient rapid detector in agricultural production

Fragrant grains and abundant grain storage are the wishes of every farmer. The development of agriculture is relatively fast, especially with some agricultural soil measuring instruments, the soil
Published in11-12 11:06 ninety-fiveSecond reading


Application of linear motor module laser cutting technology in Bally leather processing

The Swiss brand Bally has a history of more than 150 years since its establishment (founded in 1851). After 150 years of development, Bally has
Published in11-12 09:17 one hundred and twenty-fourSecond reading


Laser snow depth helps the weather monitoring of strong snowfall in Northeast China

It can realize automatic monitoring of snow depth, with high measurement accuracy and good reliability. It has full-automatic data acquisition and data transmission. It has the advantages of large measurement range, the farthest distance and
Published in11-11 14:23 one hundred and forty-oneSecond reading


Main advantages of ground object spectrometer

Ground object spectrometer is a special instrument to distinguish and capture specific wavelength intensity, which can provide special analysis services for various fields. This instrument can be used for
Published in11-10 17:36 two hundred and sixty-sixSecond reading


The role of elderly orientation system in nursing homes

The positioning bracelet for nursing home personnel is made of medical silica gel, with simple design and smooth lines. The product has ultra-low power consumption, long service life and is safe for human body
Published in11-10 10:58 seven hundred and ninetySecond reading


What are the functions and equipment of smart city water quality online monitoring buoy carrier data transmission cloud platform

Water quality online monitoring buoy carrier data transmission cloud platform product overview amt-fb301 multi parameter water quality monitoring buoy system can realize a variety of water quality parameters
Published in11-09 17:16 sixty-nineSecond reading

What are the functions and equipment of smart city water quality online monitoring buoy carrier data transmission cloud platform,

How to realize high precision and high output power at the same time?

How to realize high precision and high output power at the same time?
Published in06-17 07:14 seven hundred and forty-twoSecond reading


Make the simplest delay circuit, and share the relevant data with the attached drawings

Make the simplest delay circuit, and share the relevant data with the attached drawings
Published in06-01 06:18 five hundred and forty-fourSecond reading


A problem about 555 delay circuit

A problem about 555 delay circuit, as shown in the figure
Published in05-24 10:20 one thousand three hundred and ninety-fourSecond reading

A problem about 555 delay circuit,

How to apply color TV delay circuit to Reclosing

The main distribution boards of some small enterprises are equipped with DW semi-automatic universal circuit breakers. The circuit breaker has the protection functions of voltage loss tripping, overload delay tripping and instantaneous overcurrent tripping
Published in05-24 06:50 seven hundred and ninetySecond reading


How to design a high-precision time interval measurement module?

This paper designs a high-precision time interval measurement module, and introduces the software and hardware implementation method of the module. A large number of experiments show that this module can realize the accurate measurement of small time interval
Published in05-17 07:03 seven hundred and sixteenSecond reading


NE555 long time delay timing circuit data recommendation

Two 555 time base circuits are used to form a timing circuit with long timing time and adjustable timing time range. I. circuit working principle &nbs
Published in05-14 07:44 four hundred and twenty-eightSecond reading


What are the characteristics of the acceleration sensor ADXL50? What are the factors affecting the measurement accuracy of ADXL50?

What are the main technical indicators of ADXL50? How does ADXL50 work? What are the factors that affect the measurement accuracy of ADXL50
Published in05-12 06:50 six hundred and eighty-fourSecond reading


5 kinds of touch switch circuit data recommendation

We know that the music IC has a very high input impedance. When the hand touches the “on” electrode M1, the leakage current of the human body is injected into the trigger terminal Tr1 of the music doorbell chip from R1, so that
Published in05-06 09:49 two hundred and fiveSecond reading


Infrared remote control delay switch circuit data recommendation

This infrared remote control delay switch is made of a small number of ordinary electronic components, which is used to control indoor lighting lamps, especially for families with old people and children
Published in05-06 08:35 two hundred and sixSecond reading

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