With the popularization of PD fast charging technology and the explosion of the gallium nitride fast charging market, the demand for high-frequency, high-efficiency and small-volume products in the consumer power supply market is increasing. When developing a high-frequency fast charging source, in addition to using the high-frequency characteristics of gallium nitride devices to reduce the volume of the transformer, the high-frequency characteristics of gallium nitride fast charging will also bring EMI problems.

The recovery bridge series products launched by MDD can better solve this problem. Thanks to the targeted development of MDD, the recovery bridge has fast recovery characteristics, which can greatly reduce the occurrence of harmonic oscillation, and can effectively reduce the use of EMI suppression devices such as X capacitors, common mode inductors, and differential mode inductors. Reduce usage specifications to achieve simpler, higher-density fast charging power solutions. It is especially suitable for the design and development of miniaturized, high power density GaN fast charging products.

MDD Recovery Bridge Series


Package type



MDD has a highly reliable package structure

And use conventional rectifier or fast recovery rectifier photoresist chip

Therefore, it can be better used in 18-75W power adapter

It is also suitable for TV, adapter, PD fast charging and other fields


65W Gallium Nitride Fast Charger

This 65W gallium nitride fast charging charger application scheme uses the MDD fast recovery rectifier bridge TTR8MF. This rectifier bridge is packaged in TTF, with a reverse repetitive peak voltage of 1000V and a surge current of up to 220A.


It has the characteristics of small size, high withstand voltage, large impact current, and reverse recovery time as low as 500ns

Can greatly reduce the occurrence of harmonic oscillation

Effectively reduce the number of EMI suppression devices or reduce usage specifications

Realize a simpler, higher-density fast charging power solution

Can directly replace ordinary bridge heap

Has the effect of improving power EMI

At the same time, it can also improve the energy conversion efficiency of the product

PD ZD-PD65AC Smart Electronics Technology Gallium Nitride High Energy Efficiency Solution:

Zhidian Technology is equipped with MDD TTR8MF + Innosec INN650D02 gallium nitride power switch + Nanxin main control SC3021A + synchronous rectification SC3503 + protocol SC2151A.

Product volume: 55.68*31.6*22.08=38849.49mm³

Power density: 65/38.85=1.673W/cm³

External configuration: 1A1C dual-port and folded US pins and other conventional configurations

This is a product developed and officially mass-produced by the industry based on domestic gallium nitride control chips, domestic gallium nitride power devices, and domestic fast charging protocol chips.

Charger parameters are printed on the shell of the input terminal Charging name: GaN PD Fast Charger Gallium nitride fast charging charger Input: 100-240V 50/60Hz 1.5A Single port output: USB-A: 5.0V 2.4A, 12W MaxUSB-C: 5V3A. 9V3A. 11V5A. 12V3A. 15V3A. 20V3.25A, 65W Max Dual output: USB-A: 5.0V 2.4A, 12W MaxUSB-C: 5V3A. 9V3A. 12V3A. 15V3A. 20V2.25A, 45W Max

This application solution was jointly developed by MDD and customers, and was also highly recognized by customers, bringing a better charging experience to consumers.

Reviewing Editor: Tang Zihong

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