The typical serial port of PC is RS-232C and its compatible interface. There are two kinds of serial port pins: 9-pin and 25 pin. The general personal computer uses 9-pin interface, 25 pin serial port has 20mA current loop interface function, with 9, 11, 18, 25 pin to achieve. We only introduce the interface definition of the commonly used 9-pin RS232C serial port pin.

Serial port pin diagram

Pin function of 9-pin serial port:

Pin function pin function

1 carrier detection (DCD)

2 receive data (RXD)

3 send out data (TXD)

4 data terminal ready (DTR)

5 signal ground (SG)

6 data ready (DSR)

7 request to send (RTs)

8 clear send (CTS)

9 ringing indication (RI)

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