Program overview

With the development of digital technology, computer technology and network technology, all kinds of business based on the Internet are growing rapidly in geometric exponential law. As a new business based on the Internet, video surveillance is also developing rapidly in the direction of standardization, intelligence and it. It is widely used in transportation, food, health and quarantine, customs, energy, finance, national defense, aviation, industrial park, etc Hospitals, residential areas and other general industries are more and more widely used. At the beginning of the construction, there were many problems because of the disunity of the standards and the closeness of the monitoring system

The security subsystems are independent and lack of linkage, so they can not play the role of early warning and joint defense effectively in case of emergency; With the development of society and the improvement of people’s living standards, how to integrate the independent video surveillance, access control and prevention alarm system perfectly and play the role of “1 + 1 + 1” 3 has become a new concern and an urgent problem to be solved.

It is very difficult to build a powerful security system integration platform. The most fundamental reason for this problem is that the standards are not unified.

In some important regions and industries, it is necessary to use more advanced technology intelligent analysis to realize the fundamental transformation from “passive query” to “active protection”, so as to better guarantee security.

Large scale projects often need to forward a large number of video data, so as to assist multi-level management organizations to view and manage video respectively, so as to achieve the purpose of monitoring and prevention.

In view of many problems faced by the industry, Dongfang Wangli has introduced the technology of “middleware” which has been widely used in the IT field, and developed “video middleware”, so that developers can flexibly and efficiently integrate various digital devices, and also ensure the stability of the whole monitoring system. Therefore, when we build the integration platform, we should, The software, hardware and information of various management systems are integrated to break the boundaries of each subsystem, complete information specification, realize data fusion, and develop an operation platform with simple operation, powerful function and intelligent linkage effect.

system composition

Design of urban security monitoring system based on Middleware Technology

Structural design:

Integrated security integrated platform: central scheduling, command and control of the entire security system, including basic applications and advanced applications of video, access control, alarm and other subsystems.

Mobile video monitoring: the video source is obtained through the video management platform. After mobile transcoding and streaming media distribution, the video monitoring image resources are released to the external network, and the network call of mobile phone / wireless users is supported.

Control center: centralized management and video or signal distribution for the information collected by the lower level equipment, storage management through the storage server, unified access and management for the access control system, patrol system, alarm system, etc. of the lower level monitoring node.

Monitoring node: the monitoring front end collects the built or newly built analog and digital cameras through NVR, and other subsystems such as access control, alarm, intercom, etc. are pushed to the upper platform through the network.

System features

Configuration interface design: the configuration development technology is adopted to realize the interface display configuration function, which can be easily combined into software interfaces used by different roles, and realize the aggregation of main application functions and information content. It also supports the personalized interface customization of different users and access terminals.

Using electronic map as navigation: multi level electronic map navigation mode is provided. When an alarm occurs, it can quickly and accurately remind the monitoring personnel of the occurrence of the alarm event with the eye-catching red icon and different alarm sounds, and pop up the alarm screen at the same time. By directly clicking the alarm point on the electronic map, users can directly see the monitoring and alarm situation here.

Network information sharing, multi system linkage: as the management platform of the integrated command and dispatch center, it can effectively integrate all the security system resources of customers, and establish a certain scale of intelligent linkage system, so as to provide security management services for various business departments of customers more widely.

Effective alarm linkage mechanism, global plan management: the alarm of integrated subsystem can be set independently to realize the flexible combination of alarm conditions and alarm events. When an alarm message is sent in, it can realize the linkage of alarm and action, accompanied by sound light and short message notification.

Mobile monitoring: mobile phone video monitoring is supported, and permissions are assigned according to the actual situation. Users with permissions can view the monitoring area in real time and control the front-end monitoring equipment through mobile phones; Electronic map can also be used as navigation to realize the key monitoring and viewing of key areas.

Rich expansion interface, compatible with a variety of devices: relying on the rich expansion interface and strong compatibility of the system / platform, it can support the access of more heterogeneous devices, which not only protects the customer’s original security system construction investment, but also helps to upgrade and expand the system in the future.

system function

Comprehensive management: realize the all-round monitoring of “people, things and things” in the industry area, grasp the real-time dynamics of the monitored area in real time, realize information exchange, and effectively supervise the work dynamics of the industry area.

Emergency command: the system platform carries out centralized management for each lower subsystem to realize intelligent monitoring and alarm; The emergency plan can be configured in important places and key areas in advance to achieve real-time and effective prevention and control; Accurately, conveniently and quickly call the monitoring image to realize the monitoring and command of people, things and objects.

Subsystem integration: it can integrate the mainstream subsystems in the current market, including GIS geographic information system, video monitoring system, alarm system, access control system, patrol system, GPS system, etc. It really realizes the purpose of multi system integration and comprehensive call.

GIS application: the electronic map of the system forms a linkage with each subsystem. Through the electronic map on the platform, the monitoring point can be located at will, the video equipment can be opened to view the scene video status, and it can be combined with the cloud mirror control, and the real-time situation of other subsystems at this point can also be viewed.

Intelligent monitoring: through the platform, people, vehicles, boxes, bags and other objects in the monitoring screen can be intelligently identified. Analyze the abnormal behavior, and automatically detect and alarm the crowd congestion; And it can detect and analyze lens occlusion and black frame, supersaturation, weak level, snowflake, color distortion, picture jitter.

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