Here is a simple microphone preamplifier circuit design based on the monolithic IC LM358. The circuit is very simple, cheap and easy to build. This mic preamp circuit operates on 9V DC and you can use a 9V battery for this circuit.

Components list:

R1、R3、R4 = 10K

R2 = 1K

R5 = 100K-1M potentiometer

C1 = 0.1uF

C2 = 4.7uF/16V

IC1 = LM358 Dual Op Amp Single Supply

Mic = electret microphone


Use R5 to adjust the gain of the op amp LM358.

The LM358 has a dual op amp module that allows you to build a stereo audio preamp using a single LM358. These devices consist of two independent high-gain frequency-compensated op amps designed to operate from a single supply over a wide voltage range.

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