System characteristics and requirements

1. The particularity of commodity

The commodities displayed by jewelry stores are generally expensive jewelry, and the sales are mainly bulk transactions, which makes it a prone place for crimes and disputes. The monitoring system should cover every corner and peripheral conditions of the store to the maximum extent, and the monitoring screen should be clear and detailed, so that it can identify all kinds of situations and suspicious people’s facial details.

2. National chain management

The jewelry acts as a national chain of brand stores, and the management hopes to manage and coordinate the operation of each store through the monitoring screen of each branch, and supervise the management of the store and the service of the staff, so as to unify the style and centralized management of the national branches.

3. Reduce crime and increase security

By installing cameras in the store, criminals can be deterred and the crime rate can be effectively reduced; At the same time, increase the sense of security for customers and establish a good image for the store.

4. Dispute settlement and criminal investigation

The monitoring system shall be able to provide clear video recording to help solve disputes. For the investigation of criminal events, we can also help the public security department to confirm the identity and characteristics of the suspect by viewing the video.

system design

1. IP based network architecture

According to the needs of users, the network monitoring system based on pure IP architecture becomes the first choice. The front end adopts network camera, and different models are selected to meet different monitoring requirements. The system architecture is shown in Figure 1.

Design of network monitoring system based on IP network architecture

Figure 1 IP based network architecture

2. Camera setting and selection

Entrances and exits: the entrances and exits of jewelry stores are one of the key occasions for monitoring. The business hours record the people who enter and leave the store to help them watch the video and identify the suspicious people in and out of the store in case of accidents. Due to the high value of the items displayed in the shop, the monitoring system also operates at night to monitor the peripheral conditions of the shop at night and record the possible intrusion or damage events. In the store entrance and exit installation of megapixel infrared integrated outdoor network camera, can provide 1280 × The resolution of 1024 makes it easier to recognize the details of human face. The built-in infrared lamp enables the camera to work normally under zero illumination;

Cashier: the cashier is also the place where disputes are most likely to arise. In addition, it is also necessary to prevent the staff inside the store from stealing. The 1.3-megapixel high-definition picture is provided by the 1.3-megapixel network hemisphere camera, which has beautiful appearance and convenient installation. In addition, the audio function can send the sound back to the monitoring center and record it synchronously with the camera, which can not only monitor the cashier situation, but also provide audio and video proof in case of dispute;

Counters in the store: choose a megapixel network hemisphere camera, equipped with a wide-angle lens, wide screen coverage of each counter, so that each counter jewelry are clearly visible. PTZ network cameras are installed at high places to monitor the store, so that the security personnel in the monitoring room can clearly see the overall situation of the store and find the unexpected situation in the store more quickly.

Back end storage and management

Each branch is equipped with an NVR monitoring server to monitor and record the camera in real time. At the same time, the images are uploaded to the monitoring center through 2m ADSL, one way to two ways at a time. The remote monitoring center is equipped with two hosts, which are installed with NVR workstation software to receive the real-time video sent back by the branch stores, and display it on four monitoring screens at the same time, which is responsible for calling the video of each branch store for viewing.

A total of 8 cameras are set up in the branch. The local videos are stored for 30 days. Two cameras at the entrance and exit continuously record videos 24 hours. The rest of the cameras record videos during business hours. The average bit stream of the camera is about 1m. According to the storage capacity, the average recording time is taken. According to the formula: recording capacity = average bit stream of each channel (BPS) × Recording time (s) × Total number of cameras (CH) / 8;

Then: 24-hour video capacity = 1Mbps ×( 60s × 60m × 24h × 30) × 2/8/1024M=633G;

12 hour video capacity = 1Mbps ×( 60s × 60m × 12h × 30) × 6/8/1024M=950G;

The total storage space required for video recording is about 633 + 950 = 1583g. If you choose a hard disk with a capacity of 750g, you need four hard disks to make RAID5.

System operation status and improvement policy

Advantages of IP based monitoring

Simple wiring: if the traditional analog camera is installed in a well decorated shop, it will inevitably cause trouble and unsightness in the wiring of video cable and power cable. The power supply mode of Poe makes the network camera realize signal transmission and power supply with one network cable, which is simple to install and easy to expand;

High definition image: under the bright light of jewelry store, the megapixel camera can provide high-definition image, and various details are clearly visible, ensuring the monitoring effect;

Unified management: through the IP network, the management can easily view the monitoring screen of any branch, so that each branch can be effectively managed. Through real-time monitoring and video calling, the monitoring center carries out unified management and deployment cooperation for all stores. Besides effectively reducing the human cost of security personnel, the branches enhance the safety and competitiveness of the stores.

Improvement policy and expansion space

1. Room for improvement

Due to the insufficient basic environment of Wan and the poor local upload ability of branch stores, we have sacrificed the resolution and frame rate of the picture obtained by the monitoring center, and can not enjoy the clear picture quality of megapixel. However, I believe that with the continuous improvement of the network environment and the enhancement of video compression methods, remote applications will be more and more perfect and accepted by more and more people.

2. Expansion space

The monitoring system based on IP architecture has incomparable advantages in scalability and compatibility.

Intelligent analysis: the high-definition images provided by the megapixel network camera provide the basis for the application of intelligent analysis in the future. By adding the passenger flow analysis in the system, the daily flow of customers in and out of the store can be counted; Adding fire warning can find fire very early and eliminate danger in time; Add automatic tracking function, so that the network camera with PTZ can automatically track suspicious targets;

POS machines work together: the network camera screen installed in the cashier can superimpose the information of the POS machine of the cashier, which can not only monitor the cashier situation, but also help the management to carry out sales analysis, get the time and date information with more passenger flow, so as to formulate the corresponding sales strategy and promotion activities.

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