This is my first time to publish something on this forum. In fact, I have not been in the chip world for a long time. It is less than a year since I came into contact with 51 single chip microcomputer. After thinking for a long time, I finally took out the incomparable courage to make a show in front of the forum bull and wrote the post: dizzy:: dizzy. Because the production time is very short, the components are not enough, so we can only make this oscilloscope with primary function, which is just a rookie level program, and we are not recommended to do learning.

I started to learn 51 single chip microcomputer from the second semester of sophomore. After that, I was very interested in burning chips. I used 51 to make a lot of Gadgets: such as probe type thermometer, speed detector based on Hall element, ultrasonic distance finder, vibration alarm, etc.

In my junior year, I began to learn arm. At that time, I watched Liu Kai’s video learning STM32 and began to enter arm. I always think it’s easy to accept watching video learning, so I also watch Guo Tianxiang’s video learning on 51 MCU. Maybe because I have studied 51 single chip microcomputer for a semester, I have a little basic knowledge, so I feel familiar when I study STM32 (of course, I have been made very painful by various library functions of STM32). After half a semester of self-study on STM32, I have done two works, one is the blade control device of the new ocean current generator, the other is the blade control device of the new wind turbine (these two designs are made to participate in the energy conservation and emission reduction competition of college students, which can be brushed off in the school competition due to non strength factors, which can not be said much)

Well, needless to say, based on STM32 micro handheld oscilloscope – this small work is my junior embedded technology course design works.

Design of micro handheld oscilloscope based on stm32

An independent button in black increases the grid time interval (later an independent button is added to reduce the grid time interval);

The blue button is used to pause the waveform for easy observation;

The two pins on the right are the GND and signal terminals of the signal input;

Design of micro handheld oscilloscope based on stm32

Triangular wave

As shown in the figure above, this work uses a 4.0-inch LCD display (left side of the picture above), while the chip is made with stm32f103c8t6, a cheap STM32 (right side of the picture). The chip is the best system board that has been made. It was bought online on a certain treasure. It looks like more than 20 (excluding the freight).

Design of micro handheld oscilloscope based on stm32

sine wave

Design of micro handheld oscilloscope based on stm32

Trapezoidal wave

Design of micro handheld oscilloscope based on stm32

Sawtooth wave

Design of micro handheld oscilloscope based on stm32

51 single chip microcomputer development board as signal source

As shown in the figure above, because the laboratory in the hospital is too far away, I made a simple function generator by myself with 51 MCU development board. Sine wave, rectangular wave, triangular wave, sawtooth wave and trapezoidal wave are controlled by independent key.

In fact, the MCU development board has been my core property! Because when I was learning arm, I didn’t buy the arm development board, but used 51 development board to burn the program into the ARM chip : lol:lol In fact, the principle of lol is to use uart1 port to burn it in. The MCU and STM32 chip burning board have been self-made several times, but the function is only to complete the program from the computer to the chip. I’m waiting for the poor loser to save all the money on the arm development board It’s a little sad when I think of it

Design of micro handheld oscilloscope based on stm32

Back of hole plate (black one is battery box with power switch)

Then the board is made of hole board, which can’t avoid flying wire, so I use a sponge to seal the flying wire on the back, claiming that it is to prevent dust from interfering with the circuit (in fact, it is to cover the terrible flying wire technology {: 12:} {: 12:}).

Oh, but think about it. I’m a junior now, and I’m going to be a senior. I don’t know if I’m out of date at this stage.. Of course, compared with the forum inside the cattle and calves, this work is really sordid.. ~ ~

This is the first time I post this work. I have used many routines for reference. Finally, I synthesized, learned, imitated, and then summed up and wrote it. Some of the styles inside may be like Mr. Liu Kai, some may be like gold dot atoms, and some may even be like Guo Tianxiang-_ -b。。。 It’s just for learning. It’s useless for business. I don’t know much about copyright or intellectual property, because it’s Xiaobai, so please forgive me for any offence or inappropriate. Moreover, there are a lot of useless programs in the program, which are just rookie level programs. We are not recommended to use them for learning (not as a negative teaching material ~ haha ~)

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