Huihai Semiconductor Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development of original factory solutions for IC chips. Guided by the enterprise spirit of “focus on one, keep improving”, our company mainly focuses on the promotion of LED Driver IC, focusing on the step-down voltage and constant current LED driver. Relying on our excellent LED driver chip, relying on our professional engineering development ability and rich work experience, we can provide a series of application solutions for DCDC buck constant current drive customers. Over the years, Huihai has been observing the trend of LED lighting market. According to the LED lighting market at that time, Huihai will research, develop and produce new IC to help many customers solve a series of dimming and driving problems.

Huihai Semiconductor Co., Ltd. aims to design, manufacture, test and sell the buck constant current LED Driver IC. The main products are led driver IC, power management IC, Hall sensor and so on. We have a professional R & D team, accumulate complete R & D experience for a long time, provide customers with different needs of digital and analog R & D integration; maintain professional technology, constantly innovate and change, and be a partner with customer growth needs. Huihai company has a group of conscientious designers, and equipment, always to serve customers as the purpose, committed to the market strategy. In view of the market demand and non-standard products, under the careful efforts of the company’s engineers and employees, the products will be comprehensive and thorough, so as to meet the needs of customers, make customers less detours and improve efficiency.

Huihai semiconductor LED constant current driving IC

1. High reliability

2. Efficiency

3. High PF (power factor)

4. It is easy to pass EMC and EMI without electromagnetic interference

5. High precision of constant current, constant current output, longer life of LED power supply

6. PWM dimming without strobe

7. Linear dimming smoothing

8. Strong anti-interference ability

9. Smooth dimming effect

10. Over temperature protection and under voltage protection, with the use of protection power supply

11. Short circuit protection

12. Soft start (boost IC only)

13. Wide input voltage

14. Support three in one dimming drive scheme (0-10V, PWM, resistance)

Schematic diagram of h511x series:

Design of LED Driver IC based on a buck constant current LED

Design of LED Driver IC based on a buck constant current LED

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