A CC2430 wireless transceiver module based on IEEE802.15.4 is mainly used to complete the wireless communication between network nodes and between nodes and gateway nodes. The core part is a CC2420 RF transceiver, which fully supports ZigBee networking protocol and has the advantages of high transmission rate, long transmission distance and low power consumption.

The main features are as follows:

The operating frequency band range is 2.4 ~ 2.4835ghz; DSSS (direct sequence spread spectrum) required by IEEE802.15.4 specification shall be adopted;

The data rate is up to 250kbps, the fragment rate is up to 2mchip / s, the receiving sensitivity is high (- 94dbm), the adjacent channel anti-interference ability is strong (39db), and the ultra-low current consumption;

Low voltage power supply (2.1 ~ 3.6V), internally Integrated VCO, LNA, PA and power regulator. The CC2420 is connected to the SPI interface through a simple four wire (Si, so, SCLK, CS). The control bits of the modulation and demodulation control register can be configured into different transmission and reception modes, usually working in the buffer mode.

Design of hardware wireless transceiver circuit of embedded intelligent gateway

As shown in Figure 5, its peripheral circuit devices are simple, mainly including crystal oscillator circuit, antenna and impedance matching circuit, interface circuit and pin decoupling filter circuit. RF input / output matching circuit is mainly used to match the input / output impedance of the chip to make its input / output impedance 50, and provide tributary bias for PA and LAN inside the chip.

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