1、 Core requirements of command system

According to the chief’s proposal that “command decision-making should be transformed from level-by-level decision-making to distributed interactive decision-making, command operation should be transformed from manual operation to intelligent auxiliary operation research, and command content should be transformed from voice and text information to digital coding”, to realize on-site information perception, comprehensive situation display, intelligent auxiliary decision-making and implementation of command and control, so as to ensure that the chief:

one . Watch the situation and command in real time.

2. Accurate command based on data.

3. Direct to the terminal and command efficiently.

Based on this, the command system is essentially an information interaction system and decision-making execution system, which must meet the basic needs of all levels of command: accurate, simple, real-time, convenient and efficient.

2、 Technical realization of core requirements

Distributed interactive command system based on Neural Network

Based on the most advanced intelligent interactive technology in the world, Renguang technology has launched the “distributed interactive command system based on neural network” by integrating modern technology. The distributed interactive decision-making, intelligent assistant operation research and command content are digitized and coded. We have created a new generation of command system, innovated the command mode, improved the command efficiency, and met higher command requirements.

3、 System framework

Guided by the theories of system engineering, information engineering and automatic control, the solution of Renguang intelligent interactive command system integrates the display technology and equipment, splicing technology, large screen interaction technology, multi screen image processing technology, multi-channel signal switching technology and network technology, forming a high brightness, high definition, high intelligent control and advanced operation method A whole intelligent screen interactive management system. It is integrated with monitoring system, command and dispatch system, network communication system and other subsystems to form a set of information display and management control platform with perfect function and advanced technology. The whole system provides multi touch, off screen precise remote control, multi person and multi signal source control, multi screen linkage, remote interaction and other functions. The purpose is to integrate the advanced interaction mode into the armed police’s operational command, intuitively and quickly realize resource scheduling, and improve the command execution and operational cooperation ability.

This design is based on intelligent interactive screen, which not only has all the display functions of traditional screen, but also has super practical interactivity and intelligence. The system can significantly improve command efficiency, save communication cost, improve operation mode and enhance decision-making ability.

Design of distributed interactive command system based on Neural Network

Frame diagram of intelligent screen system in combat command room

Renguang intelligent full interactive command system carries out unified management and interactive control of all kinds of business systems of the armed police, and helps the command center to complete intelligent distributed operational deployment, rapid decision-making, command and control and other related work according to different demand scenarios through intelligent command console, intelligent sand table, intelligent large screen and other related interactive equipment, as shown in the figure below:

Overall architecture system diagram

Combined with the actual use of the command center of the Armed Police Corps, Renguang adopts modular design, makes full use of all kinds of audio and video resources and all kinds of data resources, and continuously improves the management level of the armed police command and dispatching.

4、 Subsystem introduction

1. Renguang intelligent command console

Renguang intelligent command console (including mobile, fixed, floor mounted or wall mounted) can realize the content sharing and interaction between the intelligent interactive screen or electronic sand table and the command console. By using the quick operation of the command console and the high-definition display ability of the large screen, the staff can improve the command efficiency and win valuable time for emergency handling.

2. Renguang intelligent interactive electronic sand table

Renguang intelligent interactive electronic sand table upgrades the “command information system based on image map” to help the headquarters realize the strategic intention of “flat synthetic command”. By innovating the operation, communication and coordination mode of the command process, the goal of saving communication cost, improving decision-making ability and improving command efficiency can be achieved.

three . Renguang intelligent interactive large screen

Renguang intelligent interactive large screen is the information display “summary pool” and command release “display platform” of the command system, which can be operated directly to successfully complete the tasks of information display, situation judgment and command release.

4. Renguang big data visualization system

Renguang’s big data visualization system based on GIS is to realize the high integration of GIS based business data, such as hot spot video monitoring, control personnel monitoring, emergency response, intelligence analysis and processing, force information analysis and emergency response, by building large screen visualization scenes such as emergency disposal, control personnel processing, analysis and processing, deployment and scheduling, and emergency disposal, Realize the linkage processing and analysis of the business system information, and display it in the form of visualization; complete the seamless connection of various business processes, and solve the shortcomings of the previous business separation and cannot be unified processing among the systems; at the same time, provide high-definition and visual real-time scene for the commander and the personnel on duty, and realize the visual dispatching command.

5. Renguang intelligent information communication system

Renguang intelligent information and communication system from the detachment “one room two stations”, outpost, duty point, to the corps “two rooms three centers”, together constitute a distributed full interactive command system. Various large or small intelligent interactive screens are the command nodes in the whole command system. Because the function and structure of each node are very similar, and can be copied continuously like neurons, so the construction and networking are simple, and seamless communication can be carried out between the nodes.

6. Remote interaction system of Renguang command center

The remote interaction system of Renguang command center enables the main command center to access the system contents displayed by the remote Deputy command center, and operate interactively on the large screen. It can also centrally display the pictures returned by individual soldier system on the large screen for unified interaction management, so as to realize one-to-one and one-to-one communication among the center large screen, superior large screen, same level large screen, lower level large screen and individual soldier equipment For multiple synchronous linkage, it can reach the executors under the precise command, and realize the efficient command of staring at the situation and reaching the terminal.

7. Renguang intelligent interactive conference

Renguang intelligent interactive conference system can seamlessly connect all existing video conference systems. The real-time images and reporting materials of remote participants can be displayed on each terminal of the full interactive network, and the layout can be adjusted freely. Real time two-way communication is realized.

5、 Main functions and features of intelligent interactive system in Renguang command center

1. Command “one picture, one screen, one system”

Supported by advanced science and technology, Renguang realized the “simplification” of command.

(1) A picture

With the map required by the task as the interface, the operation and use of each business subsystem are integrated into the interface.

Figure 33 a schematic diagram

(2) One screen

Integrate all the information, work tasks and command instructions required by the task into one screen (customize the operation authority and interface for different personnel), and complete all the functions required by the task only by facing one screen.

(3) A system

A set of operating system is adopted to realize convenient full linkage command in the complex environment of multi network and multi-level, which saves the tedious manual operation and realizes the unified management and control of multi-dimensional data, so as to achieve the principle of “simplified personnel operation and complicated machine processing”.

2. Nine characteristic functions of intelligent interactive system in Renguang command center

Schematic diagram of nine functions of the system

(1) Integrated scheduling

The fusion scheduling of multiple signal sources calls the video and other information between physically isolated different network segments on a map at the same time, and the data between them does not cross.

(2) Hardware integration

As small as a screen, a room (a center), as large as a unit can be used as the “intelligent neuron” of the intelligent command system, which can independently carry out multi-channel three-dimensional transmission of instructions and data. The content update of each unit can realize “background isolated push, front-end synthetic display”, and integrate the display and control of command content into a whole through the intelligent large screen. The back-end network of each business system is physically isolated from each other, and there is no intersection between its data to achieve the highest security.

(3) Synthetic command

The multi-level interaction of headquarters, corps, detachment and individual soldiers in different places can realize the comprehensive command operation of multi departments and cross regions, and improve the ability of emergency response.

(4) Collaborative Plotting

Realize the joint plotting of electronic sand table by multiple staff officers, and jointly formulate the deployment operation plan.

(5) Physical interaction

Click the model or wall map on the entity sand table to display the electronic map and information of the corresponding area through the large screen.

(6) PTZ control

The PTZ can be operated directly on the interactive screen, such as rotation, zoom, focusing, etc.

Figure 40 PTZ control diagram

(7) Unlimited screen

The interactive screen is not limited to size, shape, size and material, including large-size projection fusion, LCD splicing, DLP splicing, small spacing led, special-shaped screen, stereo special-shaped, stereo holographic, etc.

(8) Upgrading the old

It can use the existing audio and video system, and on the basis of the existing construction, it can flexibly transform the ordinary large display screen into intelligent interactive large screen.

(9) Super compatible

The vast majority of operating system platforms can operate through intelligent interactive large screen, such as windows, Linux, IOS, Android, etc.

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