With the development of the times, the society needs more and more efficient and reliable identification systems. Traditional personal identification methods, such as keys, passwords, passwords, identity documents and even IC cards, can not fully meet the needs of modern social and economic activities and social security because they have the weaknesses of counterfeiting, forgery, embezzlement and decoding. With the continuous maturity of identification technology and the rapid development of computer technology, various identification systems based on human physiological characteristics, such as fingerprint, palm, sound, retina, pupil and facial pattern, have come out of the laboratory. At present, from a practical point of view, fingerprint identification technology is an identification method superior to other biometric technologies. In this design, we use the fingerprint identification sensor to collect and identify the fingerprint, process the fingerprint in the single chip microcomputer, mark the current fingerprint identification status, input status, identification status and clear status with the key, and use the LCD 1602 to display the status information of the current fingerprint identification; Use the relay to judge the current information, such as reminding the current fingerprint identification error; Use buzzer and led to remind whether the current fingerprint identification is correct.

Design of circuit module of fingerprint identification system using single chip microcomputer

Firstly, the fingerprint is collected by the digital camera OV6620, and the fingerprint image is transformed into digital image; Then the 16 bit Freescale X128 single chip microcomputer is used to preprocess the fingerprint digital image, and then the digital image convenient for fingerprint feature extraction is obtained through the processing processes of image enhancement, segmentation, smoothing and thinning: then the detailed feature points of the refined image are extracted; Then the fingerprint information data is sent to the STC89C52 single chip microcomputer. A liquid crystal 1602 is connected with the STC89C52 single chip microcomputer. The liquid crystal is used to display the working state of the current fingerprint acquisition system and whether the fingerprint acquisition information is correct after comparison. A buzzer and LED indicator are used to indicate that the currently collected fingerprint information is correct. When the collected fingerprint information is correct, the buzzer sounds and the LED indicator lights up.


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