One. System scale

With the rapid pace of urban life, the chain supermarket with complete functions and complete supply has gradually replaced the traditional department stores, entered the life of urban people, and become an important place for urban people to consume. XX supermarket group has 12 chain supermarkets, 1 large distribution center and 1 regional headquarters in a certain area. The goal of the system construction is to upload the monitoring and alarm information of 12 chain supermarkets and large distribution centers to the regional headquarters, which is in charge of by a special person.

Two. System features

1. The system makes full use of the mature Internet technology to carry out the unified monitoring and management of the chain supermarkets scattered everywhere.

2. Unified monitoring and management, so that the headquarters supermarket managers can know what happened in the supermarket at any time, and take corresponding measures in time, and effectively reduce the operating costs of chain supermarkets, reduce the work intensity of security personnel, and improve the efficiency of security.

3. Flexible networking mode, supporting UDP, TCP, multicast transmission protocol and LAN, ADSL, ISDN, PSTN, modem and other network image transmission modes.

4. Flexible equipment support, the system can access to a variety of mainstream image compression card and alarm card, can also support the management of a variety of mainstream brands of embedded DVR, video server and bus mode switch input and output module.

5. Realize all four operations of local image monitoring query and network image monitoring query on the same interface.

6. The powerful electronic map function is integrated, which can directly reflect the location of the camera and alarm in the network monitoring environment.

7. The system supports snapshot in video playback, which is conducive to post image analysis.

8. The system supports real-time sound preview and network sound monitoring

9. The headquarters workstation can monitor up to 16 channels of network images from different IP addresses at the same time, and support TV wall control.

10. By upgrading the software, the system supports access control management, environmental monitoring, video conference and other applications.

Three. System features

The four systems of equipment monitoring, environment monitoring, image monitoring and access control are integrated in a unified platform;

Realize the centralized management in a platform, and realize the related linkage among the subsystems in the platform to maximize the comprehensive efficiency of the system

Through the internal network or Internet, realize the remote centralized monitoring and management.

Four. System principle

Design of chain supermarket monitoring system based on Internet technology

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