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The 21st century is an information age. The rapid development of modern society has accelerated the popularization and use of high-tech products. As an effective means of modern management, security system has developed from a single security function in the past to a multi-functional management system integrating security, management and intelligence, and is increasingly in the security prevention and modern management of all walks of life Play an important role.

With the deepening of reform and opening up and the rapid development and improvement of market economy. The large increase of floating population in cities has brought many unstable factors. The situation of social security is grim. Criminal cases, especially cases of entering a room, and robbery cases remain high. In view of this increasingly prominent social security problem, the central government proposes to carry out comprehensive management of social security, and takes the establishment of safe and civilized community as an important content of comprehensive social security management.

Analysis of the existing problems in community management

How to create a safe, digital modern, intelligent community has a very important significance. However, we often encounter such problems in daily management

The hidden danger of the security brought by the foreign personnel mixing into the community;

The traditional video monitoring can only make a wise decision after the event, and can’t report the alarm in time, and it costs human, financial and material resources to inquire after the event;

The identity of the visiting guest cannot be confirmed, resulting in possible incidents. The entrance and exit must be watched by a specially assigned person;

There are too many users in the community, and special personnel can’t identify the owner’s identity, which leads to management loopholes

In view of the above situation, it is very necessary to establish a high-tech, comprehensive, humanized and intelligent community management system: — using face recognition as the identification method, which is safe, convenient and irreplaceable

Upgrade the traditional monitoring, turn the post query into instant reminder and alarm, and use face recognition control system to set the unwelcome person in the community as the control list. When the unwelcome person enters the community, it will immediately remind or alarm and inform relevant personnel

Upgrade the community access control management to face recognition access control management system, and use ID card + face recognition method to enter and exit the entrance guard, which is more secure and cannot be replaced

Upgrade the community visitor system to face recognition person card cooperative visitor system, verify the ID card of visitors, and compare the photos on the ID card with the real person to confirm the identity of the owner of the ID card, so as to prevent using other people’s ID card to enter the community.


In view of various problems in community management, our solutions are as follows:


Why need to use face recognition intelligent community entrance and exit and real name visitor management system, blacklist control system?

Through the facial features of people, each person can be identified accurately and quickly, and the identity information of all the people in and out of the community can be obtained;

Face recognition has obvious advantages over the traditional card swiping and fingerprint modes, such as: preventing card replacement, no card loss (forgetting to bring the card to work), no false access to data, no need to touch the machine, etc;

Face recognition is simple and easy to use, and has a wide range of applications. Whether it is in the entrance or exit, or in the office, or in the classroom, or even integrated into lockers and express boxes, there are corresponding supporting products.

Introduction of application scheme

Face recognition intelligent community access control, blacklist control and visitor registration management system functions


The value of face recognition intelligent community entrance control, blacklist control and visitor registration management system

Provide complete data analysis

The number of people in and out of the real name system is summarized according to the period. The management personnel do not need to check the records manually, but analyze the records through the computer to automatically generate the required list.

Biometric technology

Through the use of cameras or cameras to collect images or video streams containing faces, and automatically detect and track faces in the images, and then carry out a series of face related technologies for the detected faces, including face image acquisition, face location, face recognition preprocessing, memory storage and comparison recognition, so as to achieve the purpose of identifying different people

Unsafe factors in community

The use of biometric technology to effectively avoid foreign personnel in and out of the community at will, reduce the instability of the community; at the same time, greatly improve the efficiency, real-time monitoring

Application of real name system

All the entrances and exits of the community are identified accurately to realize barrier free access,

Personal self-service real name package, mail and other self-service delivery and collection

Face recognition attendance

Real time monitoring, short message notification under special circumstances, real-time display of LED large screen

Real name registration of visitors

Platform advantages

Face recognition, real-time, strict monitoring of people entering the area, to ensure that non owners can not enter, control personnel can not enter, real name registration of visitors, and the combination of person and card.

Management of barrier free access at entrance and exit of face recognition community

As for the entrance and exit (barrier free access), we can use the face recognition access control system as the entrance and exit management, register the entry and exit time of each person in detail, and determine the identity of the personnel (ordinary workers, visitors and other personnel, etc.).

Function: record and identify the incoming and outgoing personnel (counting); verify the identity

Functional features of barrier free access management in face recognition community

In order to effectively improve the safety and management efficiency of the entrance and exit of the community, barrier free channels are installed at all the entrances and exits of the community. The embedded active light source face recognition technology is adopted, and the auxiliary settings are used. The accuracy rate can reach more than 99.9% under the standard environment.

High speed passing rate: each passage passes through nearly 100 people per minute, which does not affect the evacuation in case of accidents, and is equivalent to the speed of daily gate.

Unauthorized personnel through the alarm: the alarm mode is flexible and the query is clear at a glance. At the same time, the image data of unauthorized personnel are captured.

With anti tailgating function, it can accurately identify each unauthorized person in the case of adult traffic.

It supports optional swiping card, the type of card supports IC, ID, ID card, etc., with strong compatibility and wide application range.

Automatic statistics: the management department does not need to manually check the incoming and outgoing personnel or those who return late or enter the factory abnormally. It only needs to analyze the records through the computer and automatically generate the required list.

Face recognition can effectively prevent the phenomenon of replacing card swiping and anti sneaking (workers give the card to others after entering the community and enter again)

Face recognition visitor registration management

Through the ID scanner or the second generation ID card reader, we can obtain the face photo on the certificate, compare it with the face of the on-site holder, and check that the holder and the current certificate are the same person, that is, using face recognition technology to realize the “person card integration” verification of the visitors and visitors, and confirm the identity of the visitors.

Visitor registration framework and business process of face recognition gate


Characteristics of visitor registration management in face recognition gate

The second generation ID card reader can verify the authenticity of the second generation ID card and read the information and photos in the second generation ID card.

The face comparison method is 1-to-1 comparison to verify the correct and effective holder.

The face recognition camera is a special face recognition acquisition instrument. It has a unique face capture and positioning function to improve the accuracy of face recognition. It is embedded with an encryption chip and used in combination with visible light face recognition algorithm.

Provide standard SDK (or customized SDK) to enable the third-party platform to receive face recognition results.

The system can record the process of each identification and verification, store it separately and present it in the form of report forms, as the basis for review and verification.

Face comparison absolutely eliminates attacks such as photos, dolls, simulation videos and so on

Intelligent control of key places in residential area — comparative analysis of HD face

High definition camera is installed at the entrance channel or the entrance of the key warehouse. The camera is directly connected to the high-definition face comparison analyzer to capture and recognize the faces in the monitoring video in real-time. Combined with the set list database, each face in the camera screen can be recognized, and the record (picture and text) can be automatically generated. If abnormal, it can send alarm to the relevant Security system.


Intelligent control of key places in the community — application scenarios of high definition face comparison and analysis

Characteristics of intelligent control of key places in residential area high definition face comparison and analysis technology

High definition face comparison analyzer has built-in face recognition algorithm, which can automatically complete dynamic face capture, face filtering, face feature extraction, feature value comparison, and output face recognition comparison results;

Support 1080p, or 720p camera, photo (jpg, etc.) and other raw data input into the face recognition and control system, and compare with the target face database (blacklist / whitelist), and output the comparison results.

It can be connected to the face comparison system of the post cloud platform to realize the synchronization of face template and data, realize the distributed face capture and face comparison management.

Face verification recognition results alarm prompt function.

Standard SDK protocol is provided to facilitate the third party to call, access and output.

Integrated with intelligent deep learning function, face recognition accuracy is higher.

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