Function description

Ns8002 is a class AB bridge output audio power amplifier. Its application circuit is simple and only a few peripheral devices are needed. The output does not need external coupling capacitor or lifting capacitor and buffer network. Sop8 package, more suitable for portable systems.

The ns8002 can be controlled to enter a low-power shutdown mode, thereby reducing power consumption. The gain bandwidth product is up to 2.5m, and the unit gain is stable. The voltage gain of the amplifier can be adjusted by configuring the peripheral resistance, which is convenient for application.

Ns8002 provides sop8 package, and the rated operating temperature range is -40 ℃ to 85 ℃.

Main features

 output power: 2 4W(RL=4Ω,THD=10%)

 low leakage current in power down mode: 1uA (typical)

 high level shutdown

 sop8 packaging

 external gain adjustable

 voltage range: 3.0v-5.25v

 no need to drive the output coupling capacitor, bootstrap capacitor and buffer network

 unit gain stability

application area

 laptop

 desktop computer

 low voltage sound system

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Reviewed and edited by: Fu Qianjiang

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